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Godox LC100Bi LED Bi-Colour Stick 100w Inc Barndoor

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Godox LC100Bi LED Bi-Colour Stick 100w Inc Barndoor


Graced with an elegant design in white colour, the LC1000 Bi-Colour LED Light Stick from Godox is a highly versatile 560mm long wand meant to be handheld. This self-contained light stick features the same bi-colour LED technology and other similar features as the brand's LC500 while being more powerful and functional. The LC1000 provides a variety of modes, as well as the addition of app compatibility for remote control from as far away as 30m. Yet another example of the light's versatility is an extended colour temperature range of 2500 to 8500K and 11 preset effects that provide creative lighting solutions for content creators, filmmakers, and photographers alike.

Bi-Colour Flexibility
Offering a combination of tungsten and daylight LEDs, the LC1000 gives you a flexible bi-colour output for conveniently choosing a warm or cool look. Both CCT and brightness settings are continuously adjustable, from 2500 to 8500K and 0 to 100%, respectively.
Accurate Colour Performance
The light stick brings accurate colour performance with CRI and TLCI ratings of 96.
Intuitive App Control
Bluetooth connectivity via the Godox Light app lets you take full advantage of the LC1000's host of lighting control features right from your smartphone. For those that prefer onboard control, an intuitive screen and local controls allow quick adjustments and operation, even one-handed.
A Variety of Lighting Effects
The LC1000 comes with 11 different lighting effects to meet your creative vision. Lend realism to your scenes with flash, lightning, cloudy, broken bulb, television, candle, fire, fireworks, explosion, welding, and SOS preset effects.
Normal & P Modes Output
The LC1000 boasts up to 1680 lux at 1m when set to its Normal mode, expanding to 2430 lux at the same distance using its proprietary P mode (5600K).
Battery-Powered Light
Thanks to its integrated and easily rechargeable battery, the LC1000 provides a variety of runtimes at 100% brightness, which depends on your settings. The battery can be charged or powered by the included power supply or via its USB-C port.
  • Normal mode at 65W: 49 minutes of battery life
  • P mode at 100W: 27 minutes of battery life
Fan Cooled
The integrated fan draws heat away from the LEDs for safe operation. You can even turn it off for sound-sensitive situations, which limits the LC1000 to a maximum brightness of 50%.
Included 2-Leaf Barndoors
The included detachable 2-leaf barndoors narrow the beam angle to direct the output where it's most needed. The light spread can be directed to the main subject for emphasis or used to flag areas that require reduced lighting.
Highly Portable
The fixture is lightweight at just 2.2 lb and ships with a carry bag to add to its portability.

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