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  • Westcott Flex 30cm x 30cm (1' x 1') Bi-Colour Cine Set

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    • Ultra-versatile 1-Light Flex LED bundle
    • Flexible, lightweight LED mat
    • Fully-dimmable, high-output LEDs with 95-98 CRI
    • Durable Scrim Jim Cine modular framework
    • Includes mounting arm, extension cable, and more
    • Silent and flicker-free operation


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Now every Flex Mat comes with Lifetime Limited Warranty!

The Flex 30cm x 30cm B-Colourt Cine Set features a Flex 30cm x 30cm Bo-Colour LED mat and a Scrim Jim Cine 30cm x 30cm Frame and diffusion, giving filmmakers and photographers the ability to instantly create a stunning portable light source.

The Flex 30cm x 30cm Bi-Colour LED mat is an ultra-versatile lighting solution designed for portability. This fully-bendable, rainproof mat is lightweight, weighing less than 453g. Despite its compact form, the Flex is extremely durable and emits a huge 1900 lux at 1 meter output through 256 cutting-edge LEDs. The 2800-6000k Flex mat boasts an impressive 95-98 CRI, rendering true-to-life colours and skin tones for minimised post-production editing. Each Flex is lined with durable touch fastener on both the front and rear of the mat for mounting.


This Flex LED mat is partnered perfectly with the included Scrim Jim Cine 30cm x 30cm Frame. This modular frame is constructed with anodised aluminium, ensuring durability. Heavy-duty hook-and-loop tape is riveted to two sides of each tube, allowing for effortless mounting of the Flex and the included 1-stop diffusion Silk Diffuser. Each Scrim Jim Cine frame tube is designed with a built-in 3/8-16 thread. This allows for quick attachment to the included universal stud and placement in the included Dual-Socket Magic Arm.

The heavy-duty Dual-Socket Magic Arm features durable metal construction, dual female sockets, and an integrated ball head. This arm can be placed on any standard light stand or C-stand and allows for precise directional control of the Flex’s output when mounted to the Scrim Jim Cine Frame. The included 4.87m waterproof extension cable adds even more convenience, allowing filmmakers and photographers to place their light source in hard to reach locations while still maintaining access to the Flex’s sleek digital dimmer. 

The Future of Film and Photo Lighting
The Flex™ is a pliable, dimmable, water-resistant LED mat for video production and photography that produces an outstanding quality of light in both daylight, tungsten, and bi-colour models. This cutting-edge technology is available in North America and Canada exclusively through Westcott Lighting.

Total Performance
The fully-bendable Westcott Flex™ features a ultra-thin surface lined evenly with LED diodes. The outer edge is lined with a durable wire framework and protective leather finish, allowing the Flex to be moulded into various shapes, then remain in place once positioned. The bendable Flex's ultra-compact design allows it to be easily concealed in tight spaces on-set, on-location, and during travel. The Flex provides stable light consistency and flicker-free output, making this light source an ideal solution for filmmakers. This unique light source also boasts an IP rating of 64, making it water-resistant and rainproof.

Westcott Flex

The Highest LED Light Quality
The Flex™ LED mat is available in tungsten, daylight, and bi-colour versions. Although extremely compact in size, their output is anything but small. The Westcott Flex's surface area is strategically lined with high-quality LEDs, offering between 1,700 to 10,500 lux at 1 meter, depending on mat size. Flex mats boast remarkably high colour purity as well, producing an outstanding quality of light. With Colour Rendering Index (CRI) ratings of 95 and 98, these lights portray accurate shades and skin tones for faster post-production editing

Complete Light Control
The flat Flex's 140° light output provides a wide angle of light spread. Easily roll the Flex mat and insert into a space light or lantern for 360° of light spread. For a more narrow or dramatic beam of light, simply fold the Flex to the desired opening. The Flex includes a convenient dimmer to adjust light output from 5% to 100%. An optional 4.87m waterproof extension cable offers versatility when you need extra length.

Westcott Flex 1


Flex Cine Kits
Cutting-edge Westcott Flex mats pair perfectly with Westcott’s new Scrim Jim Cine system, offering the ultimate in lighting control. Flex and Scrim Jim Cine Frame combinations offer many output options, sizes, and fabrics. Scrim Jim Cine Frames are the next generation of modular, lightweight, and ultra-portable filmmaking tools.



  • SKU: 7547
  • UPC: 817967012904
  • US Patent No. : Patent Pending
  • Warranty Flex Mat: Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Warranty Accessories: 1 Year
  • Care Instructions: Gently roll Flex mat to your desired position. Do not crease or fold sharply. Do not submerge. Store in a dry location. Avoid direct contact with extreme temperatures.
  • Shipping Length: 43.99 cm
  • Shipping Width: 40.01 cm
  • Shipping Height: 8.33 cm

Lighting Specs

  • Power Type: AC/DC
  • Light Type: LED
  • Colour Render Index (CRI): 95-98
  • Lamp Life (Hours): 50,000+
  • Number of Lights: 1
  • Dimmable Range: 0% - 100%
  • Power Draw: 12V, 55W
  • Colour Temperature: 2,800 - 6000K
  • Flicker-Free: Yes
  • Beam Angle: 140-360 degrees
  • Lux @ 1m: 1900-2100
  • Lux @ 3m: 290-330
  • Lux @ 5m: 68-75
  • Foot-Candles (1m): 176.5-195.1
  • Foot-Candles (3m): 26.94-30.66
  • Foot-Candles (5m): 6.3-6.9
  • IP Rating: IP 64
  • Cooling: Passive
  • Voltage: 110-240V AC, 13-29V DC


  • Input Voltage: AC: 100 - 240V @ 50/60Hz, DC: 13-29V
  • Operating Temperature: -15 °C ~ 40 °C (5 °F ~ 104 °F)
  • Power Adapter: AC Power Pack, DC Capable

Scrim Jim & Modifier Info.

  • Fabric Type: Diffusion
  • Framed Panel Size: 1' x 1'
  • Interior Colour: White
  • Diffuser Density: 1-Stop

Stands & Mounting

  • Thread Size: 3/8" #16
  • Mount Type: 3/8" Female Thread

Kit Contents:

1 x Flex 30cm x 30cm Bi-Colour Mat 
1 x Bi-Colour Digital Dimmer for 30cm x 30cm Flex 
1 x Power Adapter Cord for 30cm x 30cm Flex 
1 x Power Cord 198g 
4 x Scrim Jim Cine 25cm Frame Tube 
4 x Scrim Jim Cine 2D Corner Frame Connector 
1 x Universal Stud 
1 x Scrim Jim Cine 30cm x 30cm Full-Stop Diffuser 
1 x Dual-Socket Magic Arm 
1 x 4.87m Dimmer Extension Cable for Flex Mats Up to 30cm x 61cm 
1 x Cable Wrap