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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 at 09:41am
  • Tether Tools Video Village Kit

    Product Code: 30.VVK17
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    What's Included:

    • One (1) 25' TetherPro HDMI (A) to HDMI (A)
    • One (1) TetherPro HDMI Swivel Adapter
    • One (1) TetherPro HDMI Micro Swivel Adapter
    • One (1) TetherPro HDMI Mini Swivel Adapter
    • One (1) TetherPro HDMI Coupler - Female to Female
    • One (1) Rock Solid VESA Studio Monitor Mount for Stands
    • One (1) Aero Powermount
    • One (1) Rock Solid Master Clamp
    • One (1) JerkStopper 1" "A" Clamp
    • One (1) Cable Organisation Case (Large)


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Create Your Own Village

Videographers today are taking advantage of all kinds of new tools available to help create truly world-class works of art. If you’re serious about video production, the Video Village Kit from Tether Tools has the mounting and cable management tools you need to integrate the latest technology into your kit.

VESA Studio Monitor Mount
The Rock Solid VESA Studio Monitor Mount for Stands provide a streamlined way to mount monitors on stands for large monitor display or video productions. Ideal for versatile studio set ups or location work, the mounts are easy to set up, sturdy and reliable.

TetherPro HDMI Adapters and Couplers
In video work you need to be ready for anything, having couplers and adapters in your kit makes it easy to connect other people into the chain and collaborate. Don’t waste time rewiring; rather than having different HDMI cords, you have several different flexible couplers – having one of each means you’re never the problem, you have the solution in your kit.

JerkStopper Cable Management
Keep cables organised and securely attached to your devices with Tether Tools’ JerkStopper cable management tools. The JerkStopper Adjust is easy to attach and flexible, wrapping around different devices keeping them secured and locked down safely.

Suggested Uses

  • Create an area where a grouping of monitors are located. These monitors are connected to the camera(s) that are being used to film or shoot on set and they allow the art director, production staff and crew to see what the camera sees.