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Thursday, January 18th, 2018 at 04:40pm
  • Redrock Micro Torque Motor for MoVIPro

    Product Code: 20.3-079-0003
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    • Redrock Micro Torque Motor for Freefly MoVIPro
    • Redrock Micro Torque Motor for Freefly MoVIPro - 3 pack


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The best way to add motorised lens control to your MoVI Pro

Add focus, iris, and/or zoom to your new MoVI Pro with Redrock Torque motors. Ready to go, already proven in thousands of productions, match the MoVI Pro for weight and size, and are the best value available today for professional focus and lens control.

Made for MoVI

Torque motors are proven performers in thousands of productions already on Freefly MoVI gimbals, and now they are plug-and-play with the MoVI Pro gimbal motor controller and MoVI controller: Just attach the Torque motor(s) to your MoVI Pro and experience reliable accurate lens control from your MoVI controller. Pick up a single motor for focus, two for focus + iris/zoom, or three motors for full FIZ control.

Professional Performance in a Lightweight Package

The Torque motor is all about reliable, accurate performance in a compact housing. It has all the features professionals require: high resolution accurate lens control, works with cinema or DSLR lenses with standard 0.8 film pitch gearing, and a rugged machined aluminium enclosure that is built to last. Designed and made in the USA.

Get More for your Money

Redrock Torque motors deliver professional results at a fraction the price of similar offerings. Torque motors are so cost-effective, you can pick up a complete 3 motor FIZ system for the price of a single comparable motor. And you get this without sacrificing reliability or great performance. When you want professional lens control motors to your MoVI Pro, you won't find a better value anywhere.

Technical Specifications:

  • Compatibility: plug-compatible with Freefly MoVI Pro, Freefly Wedge, Redrock, Preston, Bartech (digital), C-motion, and Arri digital lens control systems
  • Motor Type: Digital
  • Uses: Focus, iris, and/or zoom
  • Connector 7-pin LEMO
  • Drive Gear 0.8 Mod 32
  • Dimensions 27 x 88 x 47 mm
  • Weight 173 g

Buying Guide

What's Included?

You receive a Redrock Torque motor, ready to be plugged in to your MoVI Pro lens control unit. The single motor bundle includes one motor and the 3 motor bundle includes three motors. These motors plug into your MoVI Pro lens control and uses the Freefly-supplied motor cables (no cables are included).

What cables do I use to plug in the Torque motor to the MoVI Pro?

The standard Freefly MoVI Pro motor cables work with the Redrock Torque motor. you can purchase them directly from Freefly

How do I use the motors to control the lens?

You use the Freefly MoVI controller to access and control the motors for focus, iris, and zoom.

I like the Redrock Fingerwheel for operator control. Can I use that with the MoVI Pro?

Yes you can use the Fingerwheel with the Torque motor, but you will need to purchase a Redrock microRemote basestation and required cables to connect them together.