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Challenges for printers solved.

Reduce make-ready waste by getting to colour with less press sheets.
Eliminate re-work as colour stays consistent automatically throughout the print run.


KL1 Exclusive Rutherford Automation Solutions provider.


Quality and Speed

Printers want to convert their printing operation to an efficient manufacturing process, printing accurate and repeatable color. As print media contracts, profitable printers must drive efficiencies in all phases of their operation.

Value Proposition


Improve productivity and profitability

Improve operator productivity, eliminate complexity.

Ink keys are adjusted automatically based on objective data. No more manual adjustments at the press console.

Touch screen interface allows operators to initiate or reject closed-loop action after a scan with one-touch.


Reduce costs, improve profitability

Reduce make-ready waste by getting to color with less press sheets.

Eliminate re-work as color stays consistent automatically throughout the print run.


A system for every printer


  • Compatible with X-Rite eXactScan
  • For sheetfed presses
  • Entry Level
  • Limited to 32"
  • Maximum 5 units
  • No presetting

EasyLoop + EasySet

  • Compatible with XRite EasyTrax
  • Compatible with XRite IntelliTrax
  • For sheetfed presses
  • Presetting with CIP3 or TIFF
  • Roll-Back
  • Maximum 6 units

IntelliLoop + IntelliSet

  • Compatible with XRite IntelliTrax
  • Server system
  • Preset accuracy report
  • For web and sheetfed presses
  • Packaging feature
  • Individual color tolerance
  • Roll-Back
  • Presetting with CIP3 or TIFF
  • Maximum 20 units



Key features of IntelliLoop

Automatic after-scan read

Reads key-openings and sweep immediately following scans-assures effective key moves for fast attainment of color standards.


Key-opening and sweep settings can be rolled back to the settings that resulted from any previous scan.

Key opening bar-graph

Displays actual ink-key openings in percentages. Sweep settings are displayed numerically.

Preview key-moves

After a scan, the system displays what the new key openings will be before the operator selects "Yes" for key moves.

Key move aggressiveness

Dragging an on-screen slider changes the aggressiveness of key-moves in getting to color.



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T&N Printing

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

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