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Monday, February 26th, 2018 at 02:42pm
  • Redrock Micro DJI Ronin - microRemote flexCable Complete Kit

    Product Code: 20.8-100-0007
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    What's Included:

    • 1 flexCable - microRemote Motor 18"
    • 1 flexCable - microRemote Basestation Power P-Tap 12"
    • 1 flexCable - microRemote Fingerwheel for Gimbals 50"
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty 
    • PLEASE NOTE: This is a Redrock Micro flexCable pack for use with the microRemote system.


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This flexCable upgrade kit includes everything you need to optimise your microRemote wireless focus system with DJI Ronin gimbals. It replaces the microRemote standard cable with ultra-flexible, lightweight flexCables with lengths and connectors optimised for the Ronin.

This kit includes an 18" microRemote Motor flexCable, a 12" microRemote to D-Tap Power cable for powering the remote, and a 50" Fingerwheel flexCable that eliminates cable snags and pulls when operating the gimbal.

Get the most from your gimbal with new flexCables from Redrock Micro.

flexCables are the perfect upgrade for using your Redrock microRemote or powerPack on gimbals such as Freefly MoVI, DJI Ronin, Letus, Defy, and others.  flexCables minimise drag and weight while keeping your connections professional and secure.  

If you use the Redrock microRemote with any gimbal setup, or if you are looking to add the Redrock powerPack for safely powering all your gimbal accessories from a single battery, flexCables are the best solution available. 

Minimise Drag with Ultra Flexibility

flexCables are 200% more flexible than standard cables, which means less drag and easier cable wrangling. These cables can be wrapped, twisted, and bent to keep your rig tight without damaging or crimping the cable. The ultra flexibility all but eliminates drag for accessories between the camera and the gimbal frame, such as Fingerwheel controller or power connections. 

Lighten the load - 35% less weight 

flexCables are 35% lighter than other cables. Lighter weight means less effort and long run times with your gimbals. This weight reduction is due in large part to the unique ultralight cable sheathing that still protects cables and connections to deliver top-notch reliability.

No-Compromise Design and Components

flexCables are crafted without any tradeoffs for performance and protection. These cables use metal locking push-pull connectors and the highest grade copper wiring wrapped in sheathing. 

Keep it Tight - Bundles designed for popular Gimbals like MoVI and Ronin

flexCables are also available as cable kits designed specifically for the popular Freefly MoVI and DJI Ronin gimbals. Each kit is specific to the gimbal and includes cable configurations and lengths that take advantage of each gimbals' unique power system and layout. For example, Freefly MoVI power cables come with JST connectors and power protection for lipo battery use. DJI Ronin cables are shorter to take advantage of the power plate directly beneath the camera. The result is cables with the lengths you want and the connections you need.

FAQ/Buying Guide

What are the Redrock Micro flexCables?

flexCables are lightweight super flexible cable upgrade for using Redrock accessories on gimbals such as the Freefly MoVI and the DJI Ronin, as well as any other gimbal. These cables deliver what gimbal users want most: lighter weight and greater flexibility to reduce drag. They are no-compromise designs that still retains great performance and professional connectors. 

How do flexCables work?

They are replacement upgrades to existing cables. Simply use them in place of standard cables for improved performance and features. 

Which products do flexCables work with?

The flexCables are designed to work with the Redrock microRemote wireless focus system, and the Redrock powerPack for gimbals, which provides protected power to all of your gimbal accessories from a single battery.

Do you have cable packs designed for gimbals like MoVI or Ronin? 

Yes, there are cable kits specifically for the Freefly MoVI and the DJI Ronin. These kits combine special connectors and cable lengths optimised to each gimbal to get the best performance possible.

Can I buy individual cables?

Yes, you can purchase individual cables or cable kits designed for specific gimbals

Can I use them with wireless remote systems from other manufacturers?

The flexCables are designed to work only with the Redrock microRemote wireless focus system

How much do flexCables weigh?

The specific weight of each cable depends on the cable length and type of connectors, but generally they are 35% lighter than comparable standard cables

What additional protection do flexCables offer?

flexCables are resistant to acids, bases, solvents, and fuels

What is the operating temperature?

flexCables are designed to operate from -70C to 200C

What is the warranty?

All flexCables come with a one year warranty from Redrock Micro