Redrock Micro Bettie Ball Mount Kit for MoVI Accessory Mount

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Redrock Micro Bettie Ball Mount Kit for MoVI Accessory Mount


The Bettie Ball Mount Kit for MoVI Accessory Mount is the ideal choice for mounting and positioning accessories on the Freefly MoVI gimbals using the MoVI Accessory Mount. The Bettie Ball Mount is the world's lowest profile ballhead that attaches to your accessory's 1/4" screw tap. Once attached, the mini ballhead provides 360 degrees of positioning, before you lock it down with the rock-solid ballhead-style grip. The Bettie Ball Mount attaches to the MoVI handlebar using a MoVI Accessory Mount and the supplied knurled knob for tightening down. 

This kit shines when used to attach the gimbal operator's monitor (such as SmallHD, TVLogic, Marshall, etc.) and can also be used to attach wireless video adapters and audio accessories.

Low Profile, Compact Size

The Bettie Ball Mount is possibly the smallest ball mount available today, and is ideal when space and weight are a premium. This ball mount is perfect for camera-top accessory attachments. The ballhead rotates in all directions and can be used to precisely position the angle, direction, and orientation of whatever you attach to it.

Buying Guide

What Are the Bettie and Billie Ball Mounts?

The Bettie Ball Mount and Billie Ball Mount are low profile, compact ball heads that have a wide variety of uses for attaching and positioning accessories, or mounting smaller cameras.

How Is the Bettie Ball Mount Different From the Billie Ball Mount?

The Bettie Ball Mount has a female 1/4" tap on the bottom. The Billie Ball Mount has a male 1/4" 20 tap on the bottom. Use one or the other based on how you want to attach it. Otherwise, they are identical. 

What Can I Use Them For?

You can use them for just about any type of accessory. They are great when you want to attach an accessory and then precisely position it. Typical uses of these ball mounts include the Cobalt Cage with GoPro Hero cameras, mounting a microTape to a camera rig, attaching monitors or EVFs; the possibilities are endless.