Redrock Micro Universal Fingerwheel with Collins Clamp

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Redrock Micro Universal Fingerwheel with Collins Clamp


The microRemote Universal Fingerwheel Controller attaches to virtually any type of rail or handle for operator-controlled focus.

Similar to the microRemote Fingerwheel Controller, this Universal version uses our new Collins clamp that can be attached directly in place, rather than being slipped on and slid up into place. The clamp also supports a range of diameters, making it the perfect controller for tripod handles, jib/crane handlebars, third party handgrips, stabilisers (such as Tiffen Steadicam), or other rods/rails.


The Fingerwheel Controller is a beautifully crafted, precise focus controller for the microRemote designed so operators can easily control focus from any handgrip, handle, or camera-top bar.


The fingerwheel controller delivers a full 270 degrees of rotation for all lenses (with built-in hard stops), an exquisite, smooth feel with just the right amount of drag, and delivers precise, accurate focus pulls. In addition, the fingerwheel is a great controller for jib and crane operation.

This standalone version is perfect for adding to your microRemote wireless bundle to offer a choice of either controller in a single system.

Buying Guide

What is the microRemote Universal Fingerwheel Controller?

The microRemote Universal Fingerwheel Controller is a controller option for the microRemote that enables operator-controlled remote focus.

How is it different than the microRemote Fingerwheel Controller?

The microRemote Universal Fingerwheel Controller is a clamp style mount, which can be attached to a wide variety of handles, grips, and handlebars. The microRemote Fingerwheel Controller is optimised to work with Redrock handgrips, and slides onto the handgrip.

Which fingerwheel controller is right for me?

If you use Redrock handgrips the microRemote Fingerwheel Controller is best for you. If you use third party handgrips, handlebars, stabilisers (such as Steadicam), or other type of mounting bar, the microRemote Universal Fingerwheel Controller is your best bet.

Can I use one of each fingerwheel?

Yes. You can have the microRemote Fingerwheel Controller on your Redrock handgrip, and add a microRemote Universal Fingerwheel Controller for your jib arm, crane, etc.

This accessory includes the fingerwheel controller with clamp, ready to be attached and plugged in to the microRemote. Cable is required for use, and is listed as an optional accessory.