GTI Standard Grey Neutral 8 / 1 Gallon Paint


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Standard Neutral Gray Munsell N8/
Made for the Photo and Graphic Industry
Used in Colour Viewing Areas
Water-Reducible Vinyl Latex Paint
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GTI Standard Grey Neutral 8 / 1 Gallon Paint


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The 1-gallon Standard Gray Neutral N8 Vinyl Latex Paint from GTI is formulated for the photographic and graphic arts industry, which is required to evaluate color correctly in a viewing area. The Munsell N8/ paint is applied in the surrounding area, which eliminates simultaneous color contrast. This helps your eyes see color accurately because of the chromatically neutral environment. At the same time, the paint minimizes color pollution caused from chromatic surfaces. The matte flat enamel paint is water-reducible and can be applied by roller, spray gun, or brush.