Redrock Micro Mini Mirrorless Shoulder Rig

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Redrock Micro Mini Mirrorless Shoulder Rig


Mini size. Mini price. Many Features

Get yourself rigged out for great video shooting with the Mini Shoulder Rig for mirrorless and DSLR cameras. The Mini Shoulder Rig takes the best of cinema-style shoulder rigs and compacts its size and price to fit the new generation of smaller, lighter cameras and shooting styles.

Fits your camera and your budget

Shouldermount-solutions are still one of the best, most stable platforms for handheld shooting. We’ve taken our hugely popular shouldermount system and reduced the length and width so it better fits mirrorless cameras such as the Sony A7 series. The result is a lightweight compact rig that delivers great stability.

Stability and Comfort

The shoulderpad’s unique FieldTech™ self-levelling pad moulds to the slope of your shoulder. The rubberised grips and ultra lightweight carbon fibre combine for day-long comfortable shooting.

Ready for more when you are
Modular approach and Redrock’s family of over 400 camera-top rig accessories means you can build out any rig you can imagine, without starting over.