Redrock Micro microMatteBox Clamp Assembly UltraCage DSLR

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Redrock Micro microMatteBox Clamp Assembly UltraCage DSLR


The microMatteBox Clamp Accessory for ultraCage DSLR is the perfect add-on for an ultraCage DSLR when you want to attach the microMatteBox but want to keep the bottom rails as free as possible.

The clamp is compact and lightweight and attaches directly to the ultraCage DSLR’s side arm. This eliminates the need for the microMatteBox 15mm support arm, maximizing the available rail space for accessories such as follow focus, remote focus or lens support.

The microMatteBox Clamp maintains the proper mattebox height and swing-away mechanism. The side rails can also be used to attach other camera-top accessories using a microMount with spud.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is compatible only with the ultraCage DSLR and does not fit other cages or support plates.

The Side Clamp accessory for ultraCage DSLR is ideal for DSLR setups that primarily use shorter lenses. In these cases, bottom rail space is at a premium. If you use longer lenses but still like the idea of attaching the mattebox directly to the cage, you can add longer side rails