Redrock Micro RetroFlex-S for Sony Alpha Camera's

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Redrock Micro RetroFlex-S for Sony Alpha Camera's


Enjoy old school style with the latest camera technology. The retroFlex-S is a great way to shoot handheld, street, or event footage with your Sony alpha mirrorless camera. The retroFlex-S includes a form-fitting camera cage, a professional handgrip with integrated start/stop button, and a huge bright viewfinder for comfortable shooting even in mid-day sun. It's more than just one rig: the viewfinder and handgrip are easily removed, and the cage can be used standalone for more sophisticated rigs.

The retroFlex-S is compatible with Sony NEX-3, A5000, and A5100.

Upward Mobility

The open-face design of the retroFlex-S enables limitless expansion. Unlike other cages, the retroFlex-S cage does not block or affect the lens mount, leaving it available for any lens adaptation. All buttons and functions of the Sony camera are available.

Retro-Styling for the Modern Shooter

The retroFlex-S not only adds a touch of class to your Sony camera, it enables shooters to compose shots and think in a manor that has long been forgotten. In the age of large cameras in intricate configurations, the retroFlex-S enables you to just pick up a camera and follow the action wherever it takes you.

Product Features

  • Sleek retro-styling and design.
  • Ideal ergonomics for street, events, and lifestyle video.
  • The cage protects the camera and adds mounting points and cold shoe options.
  • Detachable Handgrip with convenient built-in run/stop button
  • Bright sharp viewfinder aids in outdoor viewing, easily attached and removed with built-in magnetic seal
  • Camera cage can be used standalone for more advanced rigs

Buying Guide

Which Sony cameras is the retroFlex-S for compatible with?

The retroFlex-S is compatible with the Sony NEX-3, A5000, and A5100.

How does the retroFlex-S attach to the camera?

Your Sony camera inserts into the cage and is secured via a top and bottom 1/4"-20 thread. The camera also rests flush against the backplate to assure the camera does not rotate while in the cage.

What mounting points does the retroFlex-S have?

The retroFlex-S has six 1/4"-20 threads, two 3/8"嚙踝蕭-16 threads, and a cold shoe mount.

Does the retroFlex-S interfere with any of the camera's functions?

No, the cage still allows for access to all buttons, battery, and card slots. The open-face design also allows for clearance of any third party lens mount adapter.

How does the Optical Viewfinder Secure onto the retroFlex-S?

The Optical Viewfinder secures onto the cage via 4 hidden rare-earth magnets. The cage also features a raised mounting plate that assures no light enters the viewfinder.

Does the 3X Optical Viewfinder have an adjustable diopter?

Yes, the 3X Optical Viewfinder has a dial-adjustable viewfinder for those who wear glasses or contact lenses. No tools or secondary optics required.

How does the Run/Stop Pistol Grip attach to the retroFlex-S?

The Run/Stop Pistol Grip attaches tool-lessly to the Cage via a 1/4"嚙踝蕭-20 thread.

How does the Run/Stop Pistol Grip trigger the camera's recording function?

The Run/Stop Pistol Grip triggers the recording function of the camera via the included cable.