Redrock Micro FollowFocus|Black Professional Studio

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Redrock Micro FollowFocus|Black Professional Studio


The microFollowFocus | Black Professional is a new generation of follow focus units that lead the way in price and performance. The | blue line incorporates new designs and technologies to deliver an incredibly solid, accurate, highly repeatable follow focus ideal for any level of production. The microFollowFocus | Black can be used with still lenses (with proper gearing such as our microLensGears) and cinema lenses.

Performance is the most critical aspect of any follow focus unit. At the heart of the microFollowFocus | Black is a Redrock custom designed and manufactured gearbox that produces exceptionally smooth, backlash free focus pulls. Unique adjustments for backlash and drag allow you to dial in exactly the feel and performance you want. 

The microFollowFocus | Black incorporates the best of the award-winning innovations from the microFollowFocus v2, including the original Redrock 3D marking disk, convenient quick release clamp, and large precision machined focus wheel. Building on this solid foundation, the microFollowFocus | Black adds a refined slim design, adjustable hard stops, reinforced moveable focus indicator, flippable gearbox, all metal machined accessory port, and a unique illuminated marking disk (when used with optional Flares). 

The microFollowFocus | Black comes in two configurations: A single sided version and a double-sided (studio) version. The only follow focus that allows you to add a second wheel on the opposite side which speeds up repositioning. You can switch between single- our double-sided setups, or add the second wheel option at any time.

Features and Benefits

  • Redrock-designed custom gears and gearbox for exceptional and play free performance 
  • Integrated hard stops have easy begin and end setups for fast repeatable racking between two points, and make focusing lenses that have no hard stops (such as Canon EF lenses) much easier.
  • 3D marking disk to view your focus marks from many angles
  • Moveable reinforced focus indicator - conveniently pull focus from any place on the camera while maintaining view of focus indicator and focus wheel
  • Marking disk glow inserts for working at night or under dim lighting, illuminates marking disk without distracting external lighting (glow inserts are an optional accessory)
  • Quick release clamp - pops on and off the rails for quick repositioning or setup without having to move other rail-mounted gear.
  • Adjustable backlash - dial in your exact performance needs
  • All aluminium precision machined construction, inside and out
  • Optional second side focus wheel - only follow focus that allows you to add/remove as needed
  • Comes standard with 0.8 film pitch drive gear, with options for Fujinon and Canon drive gears.
  • Industry standard, all metal machined accessory port for adding focus whip or speed crank as needed
  • Kung Fu rubberised handgrip eliminates hand slips
  • Flippable gearbox that positions the drive gear front or rear for support even the shortest of lenses
  • easy to use hard stops for setting focus points or the focus end points of lenses without hard stops, such as Canon and Nikon autofocus lenses.
  • Moveable focus indicator - conveniently pull focus from any place on the camera while maintaining view of focus indicator
  • Redesigned extra rugged focus indicator for durability and confidence
  • Made in America, lifetime warranty means durability and confidence