Eizo CG3146 4K PROMINENCE HDR Monitor


Product Features:

True HDR reference monitor
IPS Wide Gamut, 10 Bit Panel
Built-in calibration sensor
SDI,HDMI,Display port connectivity
4K DCI resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels
Video post-production and, color grading HDR workflow
Supports hybrid log-gamma (HLG) and perceptual quantization (PQ) curve
1000 cd/m2 high brightness
1,000,000:1 Contrast ratio
Comes with Hood and Stand
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Eizo CG3146 4K PROMINENCE HDR Monitor

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HDR reference monitor, the ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 is the first true HDR reference monitor in the world to incorporate a built-in calibration sensor for ensuring the ultimate colour-accurate HDR viewing environment. The CG3146 is aimed at the media and entertainment industries. They require maximum monitor resolutions for 2D and 3D CGI (computer-generated imagery), visual effects, compositing, and colour grading. To that end, the 31 inch monitor displays content with a native 4K DCI resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels.

What is HDR?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a range that approximates the human perception of colour and light as content is shown on a display device. A monitor that supports HDR is able to correctly show both very bright and very dark areas on the screen without sacrificing the integrity of either. With lower-range SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) monitors, brightness, contrast, and colour are lost when displaying HDR content.

True HDR

At 1000 cd/m2, the ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 achieves the brightness necessary to display HDR content. With a contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1, darker hues are reproduced with impressive depth in true black. The monitor supports the Hybrid Log Gamma and PQ Gamma HDR tone curves without an automatic brightness limiter (ABL). This allows images to be displayed with the correct brightness and colour – for a true HDR experience.

EIZO HDR Technology

EIZO's ColorEdge PROMINENCE HDR reference monitors are the first to overcome the severe drawbacks of other HDR technologies available in the market, so they can be used reliably for post-production work.

Auto Brightness Limiter (ABL) equipped in other HDR OLED monitors limits the monitor's ability to display lighter scenes with tones over a specific range. This causes those light areas to appear dimmer and the colour duller as a result. Local dimming uses an area control backlight system which adjusts the brightness in sections of the screen depending on the content displayed. However, when an object on the screen falls outside of the area of the backlight that is adjusted, a "halo" effect appears, making it impossible to achieve full colour accuracy in smaller details.

EIZO's ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 achieves a true HDR visual experience without ABL or Local Dimming to ensure you always see accurate colours and brightness in every pixel.

Gamma Curves

ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 supports two gamma curves used for HDR video – hybrid log-gamma (HLG) and perceptual quantization (PQ) curve. HLG is compatible with SDR displays and is suitable for live television broadcasting. PQ curve approximates the human visual system in terms of colour and light perception, making it ideal for films, streaming, and other video content. Both gamma curves were standardized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as ITU-R BT.2100. In addition, the PQ curve was standardized by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) as ST-2084.

Built-In Sensor to Automate Your Workflow
The ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 is the first HDR reference monitor in the world to be equipped with a built-in sensor which calibrates the monitor to stay colour accurate. This eliminates the need for a third-party calibration device and streamlines colour management so you can stay more focused on the creative process. Calibration information is saved directly to the monitor, so you do not need to recalibrate if connecting to more than one PC.
DCI 4K Resolution

ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 displays the DCI-4K standard (4096 x 2160) which is more than four times that of full HD (1920 x 1080). It is ideal for creating, editing, and referencing with 2D and 3D CGI, VFX, compositing, and colour grading.

High Brightness and Contrast

ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 achieves the 1000 cd/m2 high brightness level needed for HDR content display. It also offers a typical contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 for displaying true blacks.

SDI Connectivity

The ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 is equipped with a Single-Link 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI and Dual- or Quad-Link 3G*/HD-SDI connections for seamless transmission of 4K video data. The SDI connections support 2SI (2 sample interleave) to ensure picture is always maintained during transmission. VPID (Video Payload ID) is also supported for SDI connections.
*2 sample interleave supported.

Stable Colour in Just 3 Minutes

A typical monitor takes 30 minutes or more for its brightness, chromaticity, and tone characteristics to stabilize. The ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 takes a mere 3* minutes so you get a reliable color display soon after turning the monitor on.

Stable Display Using Industry-First AI
The color and brightness of an LCD monitor can shift due to changes in ambient temperature and the temperature of the monitor itself. ColorEdge CG Series monitors are equipped with a temperature sensor for accurately measuring the temperature inside the monitor, as well as estimating the temperature of the surrounding environment. With this temperature sensing and estimation technology, the monitor adjusts in real-time so gradations, color, brightness, and other characteristics continue to be displayed accurately. Furthermore, EIZO uses AI (artificial intelligence)* in the estimation algorithm of the CG3146 so it can distinguish between various temperature changing patterns to calculate even more accurate correction.
Flexible Connection

HDMI and DisplayPort Inputs and furthermore, the monitor has an HDMI and DisplayPort input located conveniently on the side of the monitor for flexible connection to a range of other video devices. Four USB downstream ports and one upstream port are also equipped.

10-bit Colour Depth

With 10-bit colour depth based on a 24-bit LUT, the ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145 delivers more than a billion colours simultaneously. The colour gradations are finer and the distances between adjacent colours (delta E) are lower.

Precise colour rendering thanks to high-resolution 3D look-up table

The 3D LUT provides for the most precise tone value allocation possible and extremely exact colour tone rendering, which is shown amongst other things in the gray scale. Brightness levels in relation to the image signal vary from module to module in LCDs and the colour mixture (addition) of red, green, and blue also varies. This can be exactly determined and controlled only with the aid of specific measuring devices. EIZO therefore configures all of its monitors in the CG series and its colours and tone value curve in the factory. This results in a consistent colour temperature over the entire gray scale. The result: The colour reproduction is equal, precise, and reliable across each individual CG3146 monitor.

Constant tone value over the entire screen

Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) controls all tone values over the entire monitor, pixel by pixel. The effect: color tones appear identical at each point on the screen, without the brightness fluctuations you experience in conventional LCDs. The DUE function also balances out the effects of fluctuations in ambient temperature on the color temperature and brightness. You will enjoy consistently even luminance distribution and perfect color purity. A real plus when touching-up images.

Port and Video Compatibility

Thanks to the HLG and PQ gamma curves, the ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145 meets the relevant standards for professional HDR post-production. It is also able to work with a wide range of formats, including 10-bit 4:2:2 at 50/60p via HDMI and 10-bit 4:4:4 at 50/60p via DisplayPort.  

Safely in sight thanks to the safe area marker

Ideal for captions and critical images: Thanks to the safe area marker, you will know which area of the screen is displayed on another output device. You will therefore see immediately whether subtitles, text, or other important image elements are in the visible area. So that the marker can be clearly seen in all images, you can change the marker color.