Godox Smartphone Gimbal ZP1

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  • Product Features:

    Simple Operation
    Compatible with most Smartphones
    Inbuilt 2600mAH battery
    Charge your phone while using the Gimbal
    Control Dial and 5 functions
    Handwheel for Focus and Zoom
    Supports horizontal and Vertical shoot modes
    Tilt Angle Range 240deg
    Roll Angle Range 240deg
    Pan Angle Range 550deg
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    Godox Smartphone Gimbal ZP1

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    The ZP1 Smartphone Gimbal works with a companion iOS/Android app on most smartphones. Larger phones (over 6.5") may require optional counterweights for proper operation. In a compact and ergonomic design, the ZP1 offers multiple operational modes and features a handwheel and joystick for functions such as simultaneous zoom and focus control.

    The app provides features such as face tracking, panoramic image capture, slow motion, time-lapse sessions, and more. The gimbal allows you to capture video and photos in horizontal as well as vertical orientation, the latter being more suitable for many social media destinations. The companion app, which is provided as a free download, also lets you edit your videos and even add background music.

    The included battery runs up to 15 hours and can be charged via an external power bank, sold separately, during operation. Similarly, you're also able to charge your phone from this battery while you're shooting. This is done by connecting the two using a charging cable.

    The gimbal handle has a wear-resistant, anti-slip design, and there's a 1/4"-20 tripod-mount thread on the bottom of the gimbal for attaching the included mini tripod. The mini tripod can be used as a stand or an extension handle. The tripod-mount thread can likewise be used to attach the gimbal to various other camera supports.

    The gimbal battery can be charged during operation from an optional USB power bank, Your phone can be charged from the gimbal battery during operation over a charging cable connection for up to a 15-hour runtime

    Includes companion iOS/Android app; supports most smartphones (phones over 6.5" will require counterweights, sold separately)

    Supported Face tracking, panoramic image capture, slow motion, time-lapse session in Vertical and horizontal orientation

    ZP1 Gimbal Includes

    • ZP1 Gimbal
    • Mini Tripod
    • Type C USB Cable
    • Handstrap
    • Carrying Case