Deity W.lav Micro DA35 3mm Lavalier Microphone

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    Upgrade your Lav to this 3mm Deity Micro Lav
    3mm in Diameter
    1.2mm Silicon cable makes it easy to hide
    Beige In Colour
    For Microdot Equipped Mic Transmitters
    For Transmitters with Locking 3.5mm Jack
    Lightweight & Compact
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    Deity W.lav Micro DA35 3mm Lavalier Microphone

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    The beige Deity Microphones W.Lav Micro DA35 Bundle is a subminiature omnidirectional lavalier microphone with a Microdot to locking 3.5mm adapter designed to deliver clear, natural speech reproduction in film and video production applications.

    The 3mm diameter mic element and 1.2mm cable width make the mic visually discreet and easy to conceal in clothing or costumes. The attached 1.8m silicone cable is designed to minimize rustling and handling noise even when threaded beneath tight-fitting garments. The cable's Microdot connector allows for easy integration with a Microdot-equipped mic transmitter. The included adapter converts the Microdot output to a locking 3.5mm jack, making it compatible with a variety of wireless microphone transmitters from Azden, Nady, Rode, Senal, Sennheiser, Tascam, and Zoom.

    The W.Lav Pro's condenser capsule offers an omnidirectional polar pattern that picks up audio from all around the capsule, helping to keep levels consistent even when the talent turns away from the mic. Utilize the supplied foam windscreen to inhibit light wind noise and plosives. A Rycote Overcover Advanced along with a set of Stickies Advanced are supplied to assist in mic placement and concealment. A cable organizer and carrying pouch are also included.



    • Beige colour and subminiature size; ideal for use in film and video production
    • Electret condenser capsule in a housing with a 3mm diameter that's easy to conceal
    • The cable is only 1.2mm in width, making it easy to hide—even under tight clothing and costumes
    • Picking up sound from all directions, the omnidirectional polar pattern provides sonic consistency in a variety of positions
    • 50 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
    • 1.8m attached cable with Microdot connector for compatibility with Microdot-equipped wireless transmitters
    • Includes a Microdot to locking 3.5mm jack adapter to allow connection to select wireless microphone transmitters
    • Compatible transmitters: Deity (BP-TX, HD-TX), Sennheiser Evolution Series (G1, G2, G3, G4, SK AVX, SK D1, SK 1093, SK 20), Senal (AWS-2000), Zoom (F1-LP, F1-SP), Tascam (DR-10L, DR-10C), Rode (RODELink TX-Belt, TX-XLR, Wireless Go)
    • Includes foam windscreen to reduce wind and breath noise
    • Includes carrying pouch and cable organizer


    Deity W.lav Micro DA35 3mm Lavalier Microphone Includes:

    • Deity Microphones W.Lav Micro DA35 Subminiature Omni Lavalier Microphone
    • Foam Windscreen
    • 5 x Rycote Stickies Advanced
    • Rycote Overcover Advanced
    • Cable Organizer
    • Carrying Pouch