Core SWX Nano 98wh HDV Battery for Canon BP-A


Product Features:

Works with Canon cameras that accept BP-A batteries
Smart P-Tap for SMBUS data & 5v USB output
Charge via P-Tap or OEM Canon chargers
4-stage LED gauge
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Core SWX Nano 98wh HDV Battery for Canon BP-A


The NANO-C98 addresses the need for a “pro” style option of power for Canon cameras that accept the Canon BP-A style battery packs such as the Canon C200, C300 Mark II or the new C500 Mark II. The battery pack is equipped with a 4-stage LED gauge, a 5v USB, and a p-tap.

The p-tap is a Smart Tap that serves as a standard p-tap, but it is also able to communicate SMBUS/smart battery data which is part of a future integration.
They can charge either via the p-tap, or with the OEM Canon chargers.


  • Capacity: 98wh (14.8v, 6600mah)
  • Size:9.77cm x 6x6cm x 4.1cm
  • Weight:408g

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