Core SWX Short Form Factor AB Mount Hotswap Sharkfin


Product Features:

Short form factor Sharkfin Plate
Perfect for Hypercore Mini9's
4 x P-Tap outputs
No downtime when changing battery
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Core SWX Short Form Factor AB Mount Hotswap Sharkfin

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The Shark-Fin also incorporates four D-Taps for accessory power. These D-Taps are unregulated, and will deliver from 11 to 17 VDC, which will power most cinema accessories.

The batteries mount in parallel which allows the voltage of each to remain essentially unaffected by adding or removing a battery to the Shark-Fin. However, it is recommended that you use matching capacity batteries in a similar charge state.
For example if a fully charged battery (16.8V) and a fully depleted battery (11V) are used together, the circuitry will divert the load to the fully charged battery and your camera will see the higher voltage, not an average. So there is no need to worry about accidentally hot swapping a depleted battery on as long as the existing battery has enough power to maintain camera power.
The Shark-Fin will draw from both batteries as long as they are in the acceptable voltage range. Once one battery drops below that range (11 VDC) the Shark-Fin will stop drawing from it.
Core SWX batteries also have protection circuitry to prevent being charged from one another.