INOVATIV 1 Baby Pin Attach Insight Monitor Mount


Product Features:

Machined 6061 aluminium
Single Unit
Anodised black
Requires Insight Monitor Mounting System
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INOVATIV 1 Baby Pin Attach Insight Monitor Mount


The Insight’s Baby Pin Attachment is designed to work your own VESA Plate (with a baby pin receiver) and Monitor. If you are looking for the most stable solution, we recommend the Pro Ultra Monitor Arm.

  • Apollo 40: allows you to fit 2 monitors in landscape positions
  • Apollo 52: allows you to fit 3 monitors in landscape positions

You may also utilise Insight’s Baby Pin Attachment for attaching wireless receivers, wireless transmitters, antennas and other accessories that connect to a baby pin. A popular combination is to attach to the System Bracket the Insight’s Baby Pin Attachment and Pro Ultra Monitor Arm so you can support both a monitor and a wireless receiver on the same System Bracket.

***Requires: Insight Monitor Mounting System***