Wooden Camera Gimbal Battery Plate (Dragon/Epic/Scarlet)


Product Features:

Shifts Battery Mount to Camera Side
Eases Gimbal Balancing Process
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Wooden Camera Gimbal Battery Plate (Dragon/Epic/Scarlet)

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Gimbal Battery Plate (Dragon, Epic, Scarlet) allows mounting of WC V-Mount, WC Gold Mount, Anton Bauer QRC, Switronix, and IDX power plates directly to the side of the Epic and Scarlet. This system allows RED cameras to be balanced easily when using a DJI Ronin or Movi M10, M15, etc.

We also recommend purchasing a Power Extension Cable with this product.


  • (4) m3x12mm phillips flat head screws
  • (4) m3x8mm phillips screws
  • (4) m3x12mm phillips screws


  • Weight: 181.4 g (.5 lbs)

Dimensions: 25.4 x 127 x 152.4 mm