Godox Witstro AD200 Extension Head


Product Features:

For AD200 TTL Pocket Flash
Interchangeable Flash Head
Tilts Upwards 90 Degrees
Cable Length: 1.8m
Cold Accessory Foot with 1/4-20 Thread
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Godox Witstro AD200 Extension Head

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Designed for off-camera positioning, this EC200 Extension Flash Head from Godox is an interchangeable accessory for the AD200 TTL pocket flash. One of its ends attaches to the battery pack and connects to the actual flash head via a 1.8m long cable, allowing you to easily rig it to a stand or simply hold it in your hand and move it around between shots. Push a locking button on the side to allow the head to tilt upwards 90 degrees. At the bottom, a cold accessory foot can be used for mounting onto a camera hot shoe, while a 1/4"-20 thread in the middle of the foot allows attachment to compatible stands or tripods.