Rotatrim Pro M18 460mm


Product Features:

The ultimate in robustness and reliability
Solid laminated MDF gridded baseboard
Clear, self-clamping strip secures the work in place
Precision Side Rule and Cursor
Hand finished tungsten steel flat and rotary blades
Twin chrome plated steel guide rail
Virtually maintenance-free, self sharpening blades
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Rotatrim Pro M18 460mm

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Originally designed to meet the exacting requirements of the professional photographer, the Professional ‘M’ Series has over the past 40 years, become the de facto standard for many applications where the ultimate in quality and reliability are paramount. Many hundreds of thousands of machines are tested ‘day in, day out’ in dark rooms, photo labs, design houses, schools and colleges, to name but a few. The precision-engineered, virtually silent glide-cutting action coupled with extreme accuracy, outstanding robustness and reliability are often cited as the main reasons why the Professional ‘M’ Series is the machine by which all others are judged.

The patented Overload Protection system (on M24 and above*) ensures that it is virtually impossible to overload the machine, even by the most heavy-handed of user.

Some of the key benefits of the Professional ‘M’ Series range, are as follows:

  • The ultimate in robustness and reliability for a rotary trimmer, offering an extremely long duty life.
  • Solid laminated MDF gridded baseboard, allowing accurate placement of work.
  • Clear, self-clamping strip secures the work in place, while offering a clear view of the cut.
  • Precision Side Rule and Cursor.
  • Hand-finished tungsten steel flat and rotary blades offer unrivalled accuracy and longevity.
  • The twin chrome-plated steel guide rail design is completely resistant to cutting head swivel.
  • Virtually maintenance-free, self-sharpening blades ensure a low cost of ownership and ease of use.