Wooden Camera NATO Handle Kit (Rubber, 70mm)


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Rubber Handle
70mm apart
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Wooden Camera NATO Handle Kit (Rubber, 70mm)

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The NATO Handle Kit is designed for quick release attaching and detaching on the camera without screws. Simply slide onto Safety NATO Rail and tighten down the thumbscrew. 70mm NATO Rail can attach to any two screw points up to 42mm center to center.

The NATO 70mm Handle Kit comes in a choice of Cheese, Leather or Rubber Handle 


  • NATO Handle (Cheese, Leather or Rubber)
  • Safety NATO Rail (70mm)
  • (2) 1/4-20 x 3/8" screws


  • Weight: 224g
  • Dimensions: 146.1 x 70.0 x 83.8 mm