Mirage Pro Extension Epson (Upg to Dongle)


Product Features:

Real performance, no hidden costs
Perfect print quality, fast and efficient
Colour Management, Easy as never before
Mirage allows printing to multiple printers at the same time
Mirage preview window shows exact print results
Full 16-bit support of print data
Real 64-bit structure even on Mac
Improved workflow for droplets
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Mirage Pro Extension Epson (Upg to Dongle)

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Mirage Pro is the professional extension to the Mirage Master- & Premium Edition. The Mirage Pro extension adds support for the Epson SpectroProofer device to enable creation of ICC colour profiles with ease. 
The Mirage Pro wizard will automatically layout and print the measurement colour patches, dry the print with the SpectroProofer’s built in fan, measure the colour patches utilizing SpectroProofer’s x-rite measurement device and create professional ICC profiles for you.

With Mirage 1.6 we have added great new features to the "Mirage Pro Extension". The "Mirage Pro Extension" is the simplest way ever to create professional ICC profiles utilizing the Epson SpectroProofer

The PRO Extension can be added to the following printers:

Epson: Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890, 7900, 9890 & 9900, Epson SureColor SC-P6xxx, P7xxx, P8xxx, P9xxx

Thanks to cut sheet support on EPSON printers, the PRO Extension allows you to utilize any SpectroProofer device to create individual RGB ICC profiles for any other printer* that is supported by Mirage* (i.e.: print your target on an 11880, 3880, 9800... and measure the target with a SpectroProofer that is attached to a 4900, 7890, 7900, 9890 or a 9900). Just follow the easy steps of the wizard in the Mirage "Settings" menu under "Custom Media", "Add new Media".

This product is provided as a license key which can be added to an existing MIrage Dongle only. We will email this product to the email address used to purchase the product online. 

* Except for the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 for this printer requires CMYK ICC profiles.