Redrock Micro Field Cinema Standard Bundle

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Redrock Micro Field Cinema Standard Bundle


The Redrock DSLR Field Standard Cinema Bundle is a comprehensive package for converting video DSLRs to useful cinema production rigs. This rig is ideal for DSLRs that have the ability to output an HD picture to an external monitor while recording. Having an HD monitor opens new doors like the ability to allow a Camera Assistant to pull focus as opposed to the operator. It also allows users to take full advantage of the features that professional HD monitors offer. 

The DSLR Field Cinema Bundles are similar to the eyeSpy rigs. The Field Cinema Bundles use an external monitor for framing and focus, where the eyeSpy bundles offset the camera for use with an eyePiece.

This bundle is compatible with most video DSLRs including the Nikon D90, D300s, D3s**, D4, D800/E, D600, and Canon T2i, 7D, 1D Mark IV**, and 5D MKII, 5D MK III, 6D, 1DC, 1DX, as well as those with battery grip accessories**.

The Redrock DSLR Field Cinema Standard Bundle does not include camera, external monitor, lens gears, or 35mm lenses. microLensGears are available separately. 

Please Note: The Field Cinema Standard Bundle places most of the camera weight on the shoulder and is therefore designed for use with an external monitor. If you are considering a shouldermount style rig using an eye piece, please consider the eyeSpy line of DSLR rigs shown in related items.

** To use taller cameras (or shorter cameras with optional battery grip) with front-mounted accessories such as the microFollowFocus or microMatteBox, additional adapter accessory is needed. Please contact sales for details.