Redrock Micro Captain Stubling with FollowFocus

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Redrock Micro Captain Stubling with FollowFocus


We don't really have the authority to hand out military ranks, but we're making an exception. Like Captains of other things (ships, space ships, industry), this rig goes where others wouldn't dare, and leads by example. The Stubling gets its name from its designer, DV Rebel and VFX guru Stu Maschwitz ( T and the functionality of the design reflects Stu's philosphy on shooting - put the camera everywhere, stay light, and do it all yourself.

Captain Stubling Includes:

* DSLR Baseplate
* Handlebar rod clamp
* Two Rubberized Hand Grips
* One 4 inch grip rod
* One 4 inch handlebar rod
* Two 9 inch carbon fiber rods
* Your choice of microFollow Focus|Blue or microFollow Focus  

Lens gear not included