Redrock Micro Ultraport

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Redrock Micro Ultraport


The Ultraport is like a deck of cards - lots of fun on its own (solitaire!), and with additions, it can turn into something customized and useful to you (poker night! supervillain calling card!). The two-grip configuration minimizes rotation while you shoot, and it's easy to remove the camera from the rods with the dSLR baseplate's quick release system. Shoot with just the camera. Shoot handheld with grips. Build a custom beast to rival that restored 1969 Mustang your dad still won't let you drive.

Ultraport Bundle Accessories

Want more rod space but want to keep your rig as compact as possible? You now have the ability to add a new set of rods to your camera by mounting the microShoeClamp to your cameras robust hot shoe mount. You can add anything from a monitor or a light in accompany with a microMount, to even a follow focus or top handle off of your camera's new set of hot shoe mounted rods.

DSLR Tripod Platform:
For easy tripod to handheld transitions, add a DSLR Tripod Platform to your order. With the DSLR Tripod Platform, you have the ability to slide your rig onto a tripod in its entirety so you can almost completely eliminate the time it takes you to go from tripod shooting to handheld.

Captain Stubling and theEvent
The Ultraport bundle is a great place to start when it comes to handheld DSLR Rigs. It comes with the basic components of every rig above it, so that when that job comes around where their is a need to upgrade, all of the existing pieces from the Ultraport bundle can still be used.

To build a Captain Stubling bundle, the only additional components that are needed are a 4 inch Grip Rod and a microFollowFocus.

To build theEvent, the only additional piece required that is not bundled with the Ultraport is the microBrace body pad accessory kit. By purchasing the microBrace body pad accessory kit, the you have the option of building a more stable and comfortable rig for longer term shooting, utilizing every piece already purchased within the Ultraport bundle.