Redrock Micro Mini Control Port Run/Stop Cable for Sony 30cm

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Redrock Micro Mini Control Port Run/Stop Cable for Sony 30cm


Cable Details: this cable connects the Redrock Atlas Motor to compatible Sony cameras to control the camera record start/stop. This cable connects to Sony Multi-Terminal port found in Sony Alpha cameras, Sony FS5, and other compatible cameras. Check the specifications of your Sony camera for compatibility with multi-terminal, or also see the Redrock 2.5mm LANC cable for additional Sony camera compatibility.

flexCables help you get the most from your rig

flexCables use modern materials and production processes to create the ultimate camera rig cable that deliver the best in minimal weight, greatly increased flexibility, and maximum reliability.

Lighten the load

flexCables are 35% lighter than other cables. Lighter weight means less effort and long run times with mobile rigs. This weight reduction is due in large part to the unique ultralight cable sheathing that still protects cables and shields connections to deliver top-notch reliability.

Minimise drag

flexCables have 200% greater flexibility than standard cables, which means less drag and easier cable wrangling. These cables can be wrapped, twisted, and bent to keep your rig tight without damaging or crimping the cable. Ultra-flexibility minimises drag where it counts, especially between the camera and camera rigs such as gimbal, pan/tilt heads, sliders, and steadicam.

Keep it Tight

flexCables are 20% thinner than standard cables. You can more easily thread cables where you want them to go, and lock them down with less effort.

Key Features

  • flexCable - super lightweight ultra-flexible wire and sheathing
  • locking connectors
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Technical Specifications:

  • Lemo ends - Locking metal push/pull connectors
  • Redrock mini control and micro control ends - low-profile multi-function connectors
  • Weight: 85g
  • Length: 30cm