Redrock Micro Balance QR Add-on Weight

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Redrock Micro Balance QR Add-on Weight


The unique microBalance QR quick-release system allows weights to be added or removed simply by pushing a button and lifting the weight on or off the stack: no tools or screws are required. Each weight also integrates hole patterns on the plate face for mounting the most popular external batteries such as Anton Bauer, Sony v-mount, Switronix, IDX, and PAG.

The microBalance QR Counterbalance Weight can be added to your rig to improve front-back and left-right balance that contributes to overall comfort and long shoot days without fatigue.

No Cheese Required

The microBalance QR Weights are 2lbs each and can be mounted on 15mm rails horizontally (with a rod clamp) or vertically (with the vertical mounting adapter). No cheeseplate is required for either mount option, and in the vertical configuration weights can also be adjusted left-right for fine-tuned rig balance. As many or as few weights can be stacked to achieve the ideal rig balance.

Please Note This is a standalone weight, and requires additional hardware to mount to rails in horizontal or vertical position.

Buying Guide

What is the microBalance QR?

The microBalance QR is a 2lb counterbalance weight to better balance rigs front-back and left-right. Weights can be added or removed to a stack to achieve the ideal balance.

Why do I need counterbalance?

Video camera and DSLR rigs – especially those that are shouldermounted or handheld – are often front heavy, which can lead to uneven shots, stress, and fatigue. Counterbalance weights help more evenly distribute weight front-back and left-right to maximise shooting comfort and shot stability.

Can I use a battery with the microBalance QR?

Yes – the face of all the microBalance QR weights include mounting hole patterns for the most popular batteries including Sony v-mount, Anton Bauer, Switronix, IDX, and PAG.

What if I just want to use a battery without counterbalance weights?

An external battery can be mounted to a single microBalance QR weight, which is often the ideal counterbalance setup. If you prefer only a battery, consider the microBalance Plus which includes a cheeseplate for mounting the battery plate only.

How many weights can I stack?

There is no limit to the number of weights you can stack. Typical counterbalance setups are between 1-3kg (2-6lbs).