Redrock Micro Balance QR Vertical Mounting Adapter

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Redrock Micro Balance QR Vertical Mounting Adapter


The microBalance QR Vertical Mounting Adapter enables microBalance QR counterbalance weights to be attached to 15mm rails in a vertical position for 4-axis rig balancing.

This mounting adapter attaches to industry standard 15mm rails (60mm spacing) and directly attaches the microBalance QR weights using the included thumbscrew. The entire assembly can be moved forwards or backwards on the rails for front-back balance adjustment, or thumbscrew can be loosened and the weights moved within the mounting adapter for left-right adjustment.

The result is a perfectly balanced rig that minimises fatigue and maximises shot stability.

Please Note This Adapter is designed for use only with the microBalance QR counterbalance weights.

Buying Guide

What is the microBalance QR Vertical Mounting Adapter?

The microBalance QR Vertical Mounting adapter is a mounting bracket that attaches microBalance QR counterbalance weights to 15mm rails for 4-axis rig balancing.

Why do I need counterbalance?

Video camera and DSLR rigs and especially those that are shouldermount or handheld are often front heavy, which can lead to uneven shots, stress, and fatigue. Counterbalance weights help more evenly distribute weight front-back and left-right to maximise shooting comfort and shot stability.

What if I want to mount my counterbalance weights in horizontal position?

Consider the microBalance Horizontal Mounting Clamp / microClamp, which attaches directly to the counterbalance weights in a horizontal configuration (parallel to the rails).

What if I just want to use a battery without counterbalance weights?

An external battery can be mounted to a single microBalance QR weight, which is often the ideal counterbalance setup. If you prefer only a battery, consider the microBalance Plus which includes a cheeseplate for mounting the battery plate only.

How many weights can I stack?

There is no limit to the number of weights you can stack. Typical counterbalance setups are between 1-3kg.