Redrock Micro Remote Fingerwheel to Universal Fingerwheel Upgrade

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Redrock Micro Remote Fingerwheel to Universal Fingerwheel Upgrade


Mount your microRemote Fingerwheel anywhere.

Convert your standard microRemote Fingerwheel to the Universal Fingerwheel with the Collins Clamp upgrade. The Collins Clamp from Redrock Micro is a versatile jaw-style clamp for attaching accessories to virtually any rail, handle, or handlebar. If you want to use the Fingerwheel with MoVI gimbal systems, cranes, or jibs, this Fingerwheel upgrade is right for you. The Collins Clamp jaws open to attach directly in place on virtually any rod or handle up to 1 1/2" in diameter. 

Exceptionally Strong

The Collins Clamp tightens down with a lift-and-lock thumbwheel and stays in place, even under heavy loads. While its primary design is for camera-top accessories and handle bar mounts, the jaw-style clamp is strong enough to handle many types of lights and medium-weight accessories.

Buying Guide

What does this Collins Clamp upgrade do?

The Collins Clamp upgrade converts your standard microRemote Fingerwheel by removing your existing Fingerwheel attachment and replacing it with a Collins Clamp. 

How is this different than a regular Collins Clamp?

This Collins Clamp eliminates the cheeseplate and is attached directly to your Fingerwheel.

What is the Collins Clamp?

The Collins Clamp upgrade is a jaw-style clamp for attaching the Fingerwheel to rods, rails, handles, or rigging.

For what can I use the Collins Clamp?

It is perfect for mounting accessories to hand grips, handlebars, jib arms, cranes, steadicam, and rigging. You can use it to attach lights, microphones, light modifiers or filters, virtually anything that has a 1/4" or 3/8" male mount. 

How is the Universal Fingerwheel different from the standard Fingerwheel?

The Universal Fingerwheel works with with all handgrips and handlebars while the standard Fingerwheel is designed to integrate directly with Redrock Micro and compatible handgrips.