Redrock Micro Rhino Mount 4 Inch

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Redrock Micro Rhino Mount 4 Inch


Strong like Rhino

Looking for a way to attach a remote focus motor to your gimbal or drone-mounted camera that's rock-solid and super lightweight? you want the Rhino Mount from Redrock Micro.

The Rhino Mount is a ultra-compact rail for attaching 15mm rod-compatible accessories to any camera with a shoe mount, including mirrorless, DSLR, and cinema camera bodies. Weighing less than 3 ounces (65 grams) It slides right into the camera's shoe and gives you a 2" 4" or 6" (depending on model) 15mm carbon fibre iris rod that extends out over your lens. It's the perfect way to add lens accessories or even an entire remote system without the weight and bulk of a camera cage or plate. Ideal for Sony A7S, Panasonic GH4, and DSLR cameras.

Rhino Mount is also perfect for smaller rigs and cameras or when space and weight are a premium, such as handheld or long day event shooting.

What is the Rhino Mount?

The Rhino Mount is a lightweight low profile mount that allows you to mount 15mm accessories to your camera's hot/cold shoe. Is it designed specifically for high torque use, such as with a remote focus motor.

What cameras does the Rhino Mount fit?

The Rhino Mount can fit with any camera that has a hot or cold shoe including Sony A7 series and A7S, Panasonic GH4, Canon DSLRs, Canon Cinema EOS camera, Nikon DSLRs

What is it best used for?

It's best used for mounting any accessory that attaches to standard 15mm iris rod. it is particularly good a high torque accessory, such as a motor, securely and correctly.