Redrock Micro Cold Shoe Rail Clamp

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Redrock Micro Cold Shoe Rail Clamp


Put on Another Shoe

If you have a video or cinema camera rig with 15mm rails and want to attach shoe-mounted accessories, the cold shoe to 15mm rail mount is exactly what you need.

This adapter is an easy way to attach shoe-mounted accessories anywhere on a 15mm rail. It's compact and ultra lightweight. Simply slip it on to any 15mm rail and attach any shoe mount accessory. You can even use multiple shoe mounts for attaching more than one accessory. The Cold shoe to 15mm rail mount is perfect for accessories including microphone shock mounts, camera-top monitors, and on-camera LED light panels. The shoe mount also has a 1/4" female tap for accessories that have additional screw-in safety, such as the detachable display on the Canon EOS Cinema C300/II and C500 cameras.

Great Addition to the Redrock Rhino Mount

If you are using the Redrock Rhino mount to add a 15mm rail to your mirrorless or DSLR camera, the cold shoe-15mm rail mount is a great way to add back that shoe mount. Slide the rail mount onto your rhino mount's rail, you are ready for action.

Buying Guide

What is the cold shoe to 15mm rail mount?

The Rhino Mount is a lightweight low profile mount that allows you to mount 15mm accessories to your camera's hot/cold shoe. Is it designed specifically for high torque use, such as with a remote focus motor.

What can I use this with?

You can use this mount adapter for any type of cold shoe mounted accessory. Examples include microphone shock mount, OEM microphones, detachable displays (such as Canon EOS Cinema C300), camera-top lights or displays with an integrated cold shoe mount

What is the benefit of using this adapter?

This mount makes your shoe-mount accessory compatible with 15mm rail rigs, which are the standard for video and cinema. Using this you can place your accessory anywhere on the rig, and you can use multiple mounts to attach more than one accessory.

Will it work with accessories that require an electronic connection with the camera's shoe?

No. it is a cold shoe only, meaning there are no electronic contacts between the accessory and the camera.