Redrock Micro UltraCage Studio Rig for C100/C300 Mk II

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Redrock Micro UltraCage Studio Rig for C100/C300 Mk II


When Canon made the decision to enter the digital cinema camera market, they turned to Redrock to deliver the support gear they knew would make the grade for features, quality, and affordability.

The latest ultraCage Black Professional Series is the support cage designed for the Canon EOS Cinema C100 MK II and C300 MK II digital cinema cameras, and has been called the essential accessory for transforming these great cameras into phenomenal production powerhouses.

The ultraCage delivers all the needed features for stability, accessory support, security, and modularity to fulfil the promise of the EOS MK II cameras. As with all Redrock products, the ultraCage delivers professional quality and features at revolutionary prices.

The ultraCage is lightweight and form-fitting. It is completely unobtrusive. All camera displays, buttons, and doors can be accessed without interference.

Like all Redrock ultraCages, the EOS MK II cage is able to be configured into a variety of rigs including shoulder, handheld, and studio configurations.

Among its many unique features is the ability to add the powerPack and create an advanced powered cage that powers not only the EOS MK II cameras, but up to 2 additional camera-top accessories such as monitor, wireless follow focus, external audio or video recorders.

The ultraCage Cinema Bundle is the ultimate rig for studio-style productions where most of the shots have the C100 MKII and C300 MKII on tripod, dolly, or steadicam.

The ultraCage Black Professional Series is constructed of precision-machined aluminium and designed and made in the USA.

Buying Guide
The ultraCage Black 15mm Studio Bundle is the ideal solution for shooting situations that are primarily tripod-based . The extended cage provides exceptional support and stability, and offers a huge array of mounting options for all your accessories such as camera-top monitors, audio boxes, external recorders, microphones, etc.

If you shoot with larger lenses requiring 15mm studio or 19mm rods (such as the Canon cine zooms), you might consider adding a 19mm clamp to the ultraCage.

If you are considering going handheld, you can easily convert the ultraCage Studio Rig by removing the rear chassis cage and adding your favourite Redrock shouldermount or handgrips. If you are doing more handheld work than studio, you might consider one of our handheld rigs, such as our Handheld Rig for Cinema EOS MKII, or our Field Cinema Rig for Cinema EOS MKII.