Redrock Micro Atlas 3 Channel FIZ Bundle with Navigator Command Module

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Redrock Micro Atlas 3 Channel FIZ Bundle with Navigator Command Module


This bundle includes 3x Atlas Smart Motors, Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module, and cables

The Atlas 3-channel mini FIZ Bundle brings professional Focus, Iris, and Zoom control with a smaller footprint, and delivers incredible performance and features. Atlas motors are daisy-chained together so only one power and control cable is required.

This bundle can be used in either solo operator mode, or as a wireless FIZ controller (great when used with Field Runner AC rig).

Perfect for any setup where you want complete , and especially good for handheld, gimbal, and ultra mobile rigs.

The Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module

The Redrock Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module is the ultimate fingerstyle controller, bringing control of every part of your rig right to your fingertips. Featuring the world’s first mini FIZ (focus, iris and zoom), Navigator also delivers full gimbal control, camera control, and control of other Eclipse products. Navigator works in both solo operator mode and as a wireless remote control, including native support for Freefly MoVI Pro API. And as part of the Eclipse system Navigator has access to next-level features including Mission Control real-time monitor data and MetaTouch lens discovery and configuration. If you want the ultimate controller that gives you ultimate flexibility right at your fingertips, Navigator Command Module is right for you.

Atlas Smart Motors: World's first Smart Motors for focus and lens control

Atlas Smart Motors don’t just set the bar higher, they create an entirely new category of lens control. Designed by Redrock in the USA from the ground up, Atlas delivers professional performance, precision, and reliability packed into a single housing, and packs next-level features you won’t find anywhere else including Mission Control™ and MetaTouch™. Advancing production one leap at a time.

New generation of power, precision, and reliability

Atlas Smart Motors’ entirely new design and motor core deliver 300% more torque and 200% more resolution for the power and precision you crave. Whether it’s forceful torque for the heaviest cine zoom lenses, or a light touch required by still photo lenses, Atlas has what it takes.

Next-Level features that will blow your mind

Don’t let the compact size of Atlas Smart Motors fool you. Atlas packs a huge number of features, many never before seen in a lens motor and yet are instantly indispensable. Features such as Mission Control real-time focus data on smallHD monitors, metaTouch lens discovery and configuration just by touching the lens, and the first multi-protocol motor including RF, WiFi, s.bus and NFC.

A marvel of advanced technology and miniaturisation

Our in-house designed custom computer boards and components are as small and efficient as possible, and everything is packed into just the motor housing. There is no separate brain or MDR, the Atlas smart motor is all you need. Simpler setups, fewer cables, less weight. And no compromise when it comes to performance and features.

From single channel to full FIZ, Atlas is easy to get into, easy to grow

Keeping with Redrock’s relentless focus on value and affordability, Atlas is designed for personal ownership without compromising performance or painless upgrades. For professionals needing professional FIZ system, Atlas has everything you need at an attractive price. Entry level packages keep the total cost low by offering options for DSLR battery power, and a free mobile app for wireless control. Any Atlas motor can be expanded with your choice of Redrock controllers (solo op and remote), adding additional motors for iris and zoom just by daisy-chaining, and integrating into systems like drones and gimbals with an additional cable.

Key Features
- 7-in-1 controller for FIZ, gimbal, camera, and Eclipse accessories
- Great option for solo op handheld or gimbal, or remote AC
- Haptic (vibration) response gives tactile feedback to reduce "look-downs"
- Built-in DSLR battery plate (canon LP-E6 or compatible)
- Camera run/stop (with appropriate cable)
- Hi-res OLED graphic display
- Onboard LED and OLED for visual confirmation of status, configuration, camera record tally light
- Eclipse mobile App

Atlas Smart Motors
- New high performance smart motor, 300% more torque, 200% more resolution
- Works with virtually any camera and lens (cinema and appropriately geared still photo lenses)
- Everything contained within motor housing, no external brain/MDR required
- auto and manual calibration
- one-button push for auto calibration
- adjustable torque
- Artistry feature for smoothing focus pulls
- Onboard LED and OLED for visual confirmation of status, configuration
- rotating ports simplify cable and rigging
- lemo-style connectors eliminate cable mismatch- Wide selection of add-on controllers: from solo op fingerwheel, mini FIZ, wireless remote, drone
- included Eclipse Mobile App for configuration, wireless remote focus control
- Mission Control ready (display real-time focus information on monitor, additional equipment required)
- MetaTouch lens discovery and configuration for fast lens changes
- built-in wireless (WiFi, RF radio, NFC)

Eclipse Control & Features
- Mission Control™ real-time data display to monitor (with optional dongle)
- MetaTouch™ lens discovery and configuration
- Atlas smart motor control, up to 3 simultaneous motors
- Orbit configuration and activation (when used with Orbit)
- Halo Explorer configuration and activation (when used with Halo)
- Eclipse common cabling shares power, communications across Eclipse products

1 Year Limited Warranty

Technical Specifications:

- 300% greater torque
- 200% greater resolution
- adjustable torque
- Artistry feature to improve focus pulls
- rotating cable ports reduce snags and shorten cable requirements
- adjustable 15mm/19mm rail clamp

FIZ features
- Add additional motors just by daisy-chain cable (multi-channel controller required)
- one-touch motor assignment of focus, iris, or zoom
- daisy-chain motors in any order to share power and data

Drone/Gimbal Features
- assignable sbus channel for mapping motor control to RC controller

Smart Motor features
- integrated brain, completely self-contained in one unit
- onboard OLED display and joystick controls
- one-button push to setup focus, iris, or zoom
- integrated lens light for viewing lens markings in dim lighting
- mobile app for viewing and setting configuration options
- field firmware updatable, add future features
- pass-through for camera control including record run/stop (w/ appropriate cable)
- onboard LED indicator displays status, calibration results, record tally light

Mechanical and Housing
- Attaches to 15mm or 19mm rails
- rotating cable ports for simplified cable management
- standard 0.8 film pitch drive gear
- 2x Eclipse lemo cable ports
- 1x mini Control port
- OLED display
- 2x joysticks (operating in either orientation)

Connectivity - wired
- Eclipse hemo ports with daisy-chain power/data sharing
- mini Control Port with s.bus, lanc, and advanced camera control

Connectivity features - wireless
- RF radio 2.4ghz range 1600m (line of sight)
- WiFi including Access Point (AP) mode

Buying Guide:

1. What kinds of lenses can I use with Atlas?
Atlas motors can be used with virtually any cinema or still photographic lens. Still photo lenses need to be geared to use any type of focus system including Atlas. Redrock’s Air lens gears are a great choice.

2. Can I use Atlas motors for focus, iris, or zoom?
You can use Atlas motors for any type of lens control, including focus iris and zoom.

3. Can I Daisy chain the motors for FIZ (focus, iris, zoom)?
You can daisy chain them via short Eclipse connector cables. Motors share power and communications via the Eclipse cables. It’s incredibly compact and simple to setup.

4. How are Atlas motors powered?
Atlas can be powered from any external battery that provides between 12-18 volts. Typically Atlas motors are powered from a standard p-tap battery source (such as Sony V-mount, Anton Bauer, etc.). Atlas can also be powered from standard DSLR batteries using any Eclipse battery mount including the powerDock.

5. What is the power voltage range for Atlas motors?
The power voltage operating range for Atlas motors is 12-18 volts.

6. How do you configure the Atlas motor?
You can configure your Atlas motor directly on the motor (through an onboard OLED screen and multi-function joystick) or via the Redrock Eclipse app for mobile devices.

7. What if I don’t have a mobile device with me?
Once the motor is setup you typically won’t need to adjust it during shoots. If you don’t have access to your mobile device or it’s not available, you can configure the Atlas directly on the Atlas’ built-in screen and joystick.

8. Can I turn off the lens light or dim it?
Yes. The integrated lens light can be dimmed or turned off completely.

9. Can I auto or manually calibrate lenses?
You can do either. Atlas supports one-button auto calibration (for cinema lenses and still lenses with hard stops) and manual calibration (for still photo lenses with floating focus rings).

10. Can I use it with Freefly MoVI Pro’s lens controller?
Yes, Atlas is planned to have an optional motor direct cable that enables Atlas motors to work with third party lens controllers including MoVI Pro.

11. Can I upgrade my microRemote system with an Atlas motor?
Yes. You can use the microRemote wireless hand unit with Atlas motor without any additional equipment (just ensure they are on the same channel). The microRemote fingerwheel can be used with an optional adapter cable.

12. Can I use my existing microRemote fingerwheel or wireless hand unit with Atlas?
Yes. You will need the optional adapter cable from the microRemote fingerwheel to Atlas motor.

13. I hear Atlas has unique capabilities for drones, can you tell me more?
Atlas Smart Motors include native support for s.bus – the “drone protocol”. You can use the mini Control port to plug the Atlas directly into your drone and map Atlas controls to your RC controller.

14. How do Atlas motors compare to the other lens control motors you offer, such as SLS and Torque?
Atlas motors are Redrock’s flagship motors, they have a built-in brain (MDR) within the powerful motor, and offer advanced features like wifi, mobile app configuration, and lens tag reading. SLS are equally powerful motors designed to be the smallest and lightest weight motors available. Torque motors have long been our standard workhorse lens control motors, work for most lenses, and are a great value.

15. Why does the Atlas motor have two ports on them?
You can use them to daisy chain multiple motors together for FIZ (focus, iris, zoom) while minimising cable and weight. The ports are also rotating to simplify cabling setups

16. What is the Mini Control port on the Atlas motor? What can I use it for?
This unique multi-function port that can be used to control Atlas from your drone’s RC controller, or to control camera functions.