Redrock Micro Atlas Smart Motor Single Channel Focus Control with Mobile App Controller

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Redrock Micro Atlas Smart Motor Single Channel Focus Control with Mobile App Controller


Atlas Professional Wireless Focus Control Bundle that Grows with You

This is a great inexpensive way to get into a professional remote focus that delivers great performance and features now, and grows with you into a complete lens control system (focus, iris, zoom) and with upgradeable wireless and wired controller options.

The Atlas motor is a completely self-contained remote, no brain or extra basestation: the entire remote is within the motor housing. Slide it onto rails (or better yet pick up the Rhino Mount, the smallest motor mount rail available). The Eclipse Mobile App is built from the ground up as a production-class wireless hand unit for your compatible iPhone or Android mobile device. Together they deliver a great wireless follow focus solution. Both the controller and the Atlas motors can be expanded to include additional lens control (iris, zoom), a full hardware hand unit, and advanced camera control including camera run/stop, remote camera settings, and more.

The Eclipse Mobile App for Atlas

The Eclipse Mobile App is built from the ground up as a production-class wireless hand controller for your compatible iPhone or Android mobile device. The visually stunning interface, intuitive controls, and responsive performance make it a great remote unit that doesn't require any added hardware. the Eclipse Mobile App also includes advanced features you would expect in a high-end system:

- Responsive focus control slider
- "Precision Mode" to expand focus to a a portion of the focus scale for more precise focusing
- Set soft focus points and automatically rack between them while setting both speed and ramp curve
- Calibrate motor from the app
- View and configure Atlas motor settings
- Update Atlas firmware

powerDock for Eclipse

An inexpensive solution also needs an inexpensive power source. powerDock enables you to use standard Canon LP-E6 or compatible batteries to power your Atlas motor while delivering professional performance and precision. Use the batteries you probably already own to lower the entry cost. As your needs change, you can add a p-tap or other cable for using higher capacity batteries.

Atlas motors

Remote focus and lens control are no longer a 'special case' add-on. Atlas motors are the first smart motors that contain the entire remote inside just the motor housing. It's the smallest and lightest remote available anywhere. You can add up to 3 channels simply by daisy chaining additional motors. Atlas speaks multiple languages (RF, WiFi, CAN, and s.bus) which means you have control whether you are operating, at the monitor in video village, on a drone, or working from a gimbal. Powerful enough for cinema or still lenses, get the precision and reliability only Atlas delivers.

Key Features

- Eclipse Mobile App for Atlas
- Full featured mobile app wireless remote focus control
- Beautiful intuitive graphical interface
- Set and recall up to 2 focus points
- haptic (vibration) feedback when hitting focus points
- auto-rack between focus points with settings to control speed and curve
- Use mobile device volume keys as shortcuts for rack focus points
- Android and iOS versions available
- powered via standard Canon DSLR battery

Atlas Motor

- Everything contained within motor housing, no external brain/MDR required
- auto and manual calibration
- one-button push for auto calibration
- adjustable torque
- Artistry feature for smoothing focus pulls
- Onboard LED and OLED for visual confirmation of status, configuration
- rotating ports simplify cable and rigging
- Lemo-style connectors eliminate cable mismatch- Wide selection of add-on controllers: from solo op fingerwheel, mini FIZ, wireless remote, drone
- included Eclipse Mobile App for configuration, wireless remote focus control
- Mission Control ready (display real-time focus information on monitor, additional equipment required)
- MetaTouch lens discovery and configuration for fast lens changes
- Powered from single Canon LP-E6 DSLR battery (or other external battery with appropriate cable)
- Built-in wireless (RF radio, WiFi, NFC)
- Eclipse connectors eliminate power mis-configurations

Technical Specifications:

Atlas Motors
- high torque lens control motor
- 0.8 film pitch gearing
- Dual purpose 15mm/19mm rail clamp
- 2x adjustable Eclipse Lemo-stye ports
- mini Control port
- OLED display
- smart status lights for record tally, advanced function status
- motor light (dimmable)
- 2.4GHZ radio, WiFi, CAN, s.bus protocols
- power via powerDock or external battery
- Mobile app for easy setup and configuration

Smart Phone App
- Android devices: Android OS version 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher
- iOS devices: iOS version 10.0 or higher. Hardware iPhone version 6.0 or later