Redrock Micro Ultracage|Black Rear Chassis Assembly

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Redrock Micro Ultracage|Black Rear Chassis Assembly


The ultraCage | black Rear Chassis Assembly is a perfect complement to the ultraCage to create a full featured camera support rig. As an optional extension to your existing ultraCage | Black kit, the Rear Chassis Assembly adds a rear cage that extends the bottom rails and adds a robust mount for a top rail system. The rear chassis adds 48 additional mounting points, and an additonal top handle mount for the double-clamp top handle or double handle.

Features and Benefits

extended cage - a longer cage with solid top and bottom rails delivers additional rails and length for even the most comprehensive camera requirements

more support for more accessories - 48 additional mounting points and more places for mounting accessories, camera-top monitors, and other production necessities. The optional backPack for rear-mounted accessories such as a battery brick, external recorder, audio equipment, etc.

quick change to a short cage - the rear chassis cage and rails can be configured for a quick-change to a shorter cage so time between setups is shorter.