Redrock Micro Backpack Accessory For Ultracage

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Redrock Micro Backpack Accessory For Ultracage


The backPack accessory for ultraCage delivers a convenient and extremely helpful rear plate on which to attach camera-top accessories. the backPack attaches to the ultraCage rear chassis to keep accessories clear of camera operation while still providing solid and stable mounting. 

The backPack is often used to attach a battery plate/battery combination to power the complete rig (the Redrock powerPack is a great accessory for powering multiple camera-top accessories as well), or used to attach an external recorder in a place that is easily accessible and viewable.

Features and Benefits:

  • cheeseplate with 19 1/4 Inch 20 and 13 3/8 Inch 16 mounting holes to attach virtually any camera-top accessory, including batteries, audio recorders, mic receivers, external recorders, etc.
  • mounts directly to the back of the ultraCage extended to provide accessory mounting that doesn't get in the way of camera operation
  • cheeseplate tapped with hole patterns and ready to accept battery plates from anton bauer, sony v-mount, and PAG
  • backPack can be repositioned along the rails (via the ultraCage rear chassis) for balancing or convenience

Please note: The BackPack Accessory kit requires the ultraCage rear chassis to be mounted.