Redrock Micro MicroTape Sonar RangeFinder

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Redrock Micro MicroTape Sonar RangeFinder


The Redrock microTape real time range finder is a professional level accessory to aid in accurately judging focusing distance. The microTape employs powerful but harmless sonar that displays distances up to 21 feet, and delivers this information in real time via its large format display.

The microTape can be used safely on any type of subject, including people, animals, objects, furniture, etc. An integrated laser pointer is available at the touch of a button to accurately aim the microTape as well (a word of caution: this a laser, so you will want to take precautions not to shine it anywhere near eyes).Redrock MicroSonar


The microTape display is configurable: distance can be configured to show imperial (inches/feet) or metric. The microTape can be used both standalone and in conjunction with the Redrock Micro microRemote wireless focusing system. In standalone mode, focus results can be seen on the bright, double-sided large format LED readout for focus reference, and is powered via an external battery. The microTape can be mounted on the camera rig, or can also be used off camera. You can specify the offset from the camera using the soft-button control panel so the distances are still accurate wherever the microTape is placed.

Complement to microRemote System

When used with the microRemote, the microTape opens up new features by allowing the microTapes distance to be displayed in real time on the microRemotes iPhone/iPod touch display. The microTape distance is shown alongside the current focus of the microRemote, and is relative to lens depth of field. A simple match up the points ensures accurate focusing with no guesswork.


At a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions, the Redrock microTape is an excellent addition to any camera rig where accurate focus is essential.

WARNING: Caution should always be used with the integrated laser pointer. A laser can potentially blind or disable people and should never be shined into or near eyes.