Redrock Micro Mini Mirrorless Studio Rig

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Redrock Micro Mini Mirrorless Studio Rig


Mini size. Mini price. Many Features

Get yourself rigged out for great video shooting with the Mini Studio Rig for mirrorless and DSLR cameras. The Mini Studio Rig is an ideal companion for adapting the new generation of smaller, lighter cameras with more traditional tripod or dolly shooting styles

Fits your camera and your budget

The Mini Studio Rig recognises that many shots today are still on tripods or dollies. This rig is a great way to adapt your Sony A7 series or similar camera to tripod, while also giving the backbone of a traditional cinema rig with 15mm carbon fibre rails. The microMatteBox fits virtually any lens available and gives you the ultimate flexibility for in-camera exposure control, light control, and creative filtration.