Redrock Micro Mini Mirrorless Handheld Rig

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Redrock Micro Mini Mirrorless Handheld Rig


Get yourself rigged out for great video shooting with the Mini Handheld Rig for mirrorless and DSLR cameras. The Mini Handheld Rig is an ideal companion for the new generation of smaller, lighter cameras and shooting styles.

Fits your camera and your budget

  • The Mini Handheld Rig starts with the premise that smaller is better: Smaller cameras need smaller rigs to keep it spontaneous and fast.
  • Uniquely designed for mirrorless cameras, whip the camera’s viewfinder up to your eye for instant shooting, while the chest pad and handgrip keep your shot steady.
  • The dozens of adjustment points gives you a rig that exactly matches your body style and shooting preferences. Ready to roll when you are.

Ready for more when you are

Modular approach and Redrock’s family of over 400 camera-top rig accessories means you can build out any rig you can imagine, without starting over.