Core SWX Hypercore Mini 9 V-Mount Battery


Product Features:

Supports up to 12A draw
Runtime/Chargetime LCD
2-way accelerometer built-in
Storage mode for travel
Communicates with RED DSMC2
Works with most chargers

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Core SWX Hypercore Mini 9 V-Mount Battery


The latest additional to the Hypercore series, the HC9 “Mini” provides the most compact and slimmest on-board battery solution for Cine cameras. Designed with both the RED DSMC2 and Alexa Mini in mind, we’ve been able to shrink the form factor of a traditional 98wh Lithium Ion pack, reducing it by over 30mm in height and the depth of the pack to under 50mm, currently the most slender in the industry.

In addition to the small form factor, the HC9 Mini can support up to 12A draws, satisfying even the most power demanding cameras with additional accessories.

The HC9 Mini series has a repositioned USB 5v and P-tap output on the top of the battery pack to not interfere with many cameras’ I/O on the right side. The pack has Hypercore’s backlit runtime LCD on the front, providing consistently accurate state of charge indication for both remaining runtime when in use, as well as time to fully charged when on a charger.

Available in 3 models, the HCM-9S communicates standard SMBUS for the majority of V-Mount cameras/applications. The V-Mount 9R model communicates with RED DSMC and DSMC2, and the 3-stud 9AG model is Anton/Bauer charge compatible.