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Godox SL-300II Daylight 320ws LED Light


Product Features:

Discontinued Stock
Power Output: 320W
Color: 5600K, CRI/TLCI: 96/97
Dimming: 0-100%
Rear LCD and On-Board Adjustment Dial
S-Type and Bowens Mount
8 Built In Lighting Effects
Heat sink and Built-In Fan
100-240 VAC AC
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Godox SL-300II Daylight 320ws LED Light


Discontinued Stock

The Godox SL300II is a super quiet, bright LED light that operates on a single LED chip providing a very bright 320W light. The SL300II is a lightweight, daylight 320Ws LED continuous studio light with Bowens S-Type fitting, which uses the latest High-Intensity Integrated COB LED technology.

It has a Brightness in excess of 74,000 lux at 1m with the included standard seven-inch reflector, which is the Equivalent Brightness of a 2000W Tungsten Lamp, wh­ilst using approximately 10% of the energy, and running many times cooler.

The Godox SL300II has impeccable colour quality, with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 96, for super-accurate colour reproduction, and a Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) rating of 97 (which is the industry standard measurement of colour fidelity). This assures that you can achieve the best representation of colour possible, meaning that it is Suitable for Professional Broadcasting use, as well as for Cinematography, Television Production and other video applications. It is also Suitable for Stills Photography, Including Portraits and Products etc.

The SL300II features a unique heat-dissipation system to maximise airflow or more efficient heat dissipation giving an almost silent operation. This makes the SL300II suitable for use for any filming application.

It also has a unique FX Special Effects mode whilst allows you to replicate effects with your light, from flashing, storm, TV, broken bulb adding more creativity and possibilities in your photography and videography.

The SL300II features a dimmer dial which enables you to control the brightness anywhere between 100-10% brightness either in Intervals of 10%.

Despite its Professional-Grade Metal Outer-Casing, the SL300II is lightweight, weighing in at around 3.3kg. This allows filmmakers to effortlessly take it anywhere, without having to lug around heavy tungsten fixtures with generators.

The SL300II also features a built-in 2.4GHz Wireless Radio Remote Receiver, which enables it to be used with optional wireless remote control, allowing you to control up to 32 different channels simultaneously.

The SL300II uses the popular Bowens S-Type Bayonet Mount, which enables it to be used with a Wide Range of Lighting Modifiers, Including Softboxes, Reflectors, Snoots, Beauty Dishes, Fresnel Lenses etc.

The SL300II is a powerful economical solution for photographers, cinematographers and videographers who require lighting both in the studio and on location.

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