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Aputure Nova P600C RGBWW LED Light Kit with Free Soft Box & Barn Doors

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  • Product Features:

    Hardcase Included and Free Softbox and Free BarnDoors
    600W RGBWW LED Panel
    2x1 LED Soft Light Panel
    Two times brighter than the Nova P300c
    4-Light engine zone control
    Fully tunable CCT from 2000K to 10,000K
    2298+ Lux at 9.8' in 6500K CCT mode
    Built-in LumenRadio CRMX, Sidus Link mobile app compatibility
    8/16-bit DMX512 5-pin input and output
    Cable-free contact pin control box interface
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    Aputure Nova P600C RGBWW LED Light Kit with Free Soft Box & Barn Doors

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    The Nova P600c represents the next generation of the Nova family of LED panels, building on the foundation of high colour fidelity, 2,000K~10,000K CCT, and soft light quality while also featuring best-in-class output and a new suite of professional-level control

    With its 600W RGBWW chipset, the Nova P600c is the brightest 2x1 Soft Panel on the market, boasting an output of 2,298 lux at 3 meters.

    The Nova P600c is the first Aputure fixture to feature multiple light engines and pixel control. Its multiple light engines can be activated when using the built-in lighting effects or can be controlled independently via DMX.

    The yoke on the Nova P600c has also undergone an upgrade, now featuring a curved design, similar to the LS 600d Pro and 600x Pro, allowing it to maintain tilt-control when using modifiers, which is difficult for traditionally designed straight yoke LED panels

    In addition to its 3-meter extension cable, the P600c's control box has been updated with contact pins integrated into the Lightning Clamp for completely cable-less operation.

    The Nova P600c features a built-in power supply, minimizing weight and setup time. It also features a 48V/15A 3-Pin XLR DC input for users who want to operate the fixture via quiet battery power solutions instead of noisy generators.

    As a member of the Aputure family, the Nova has integrated Sidus Mesh technology, allowing it to wirelessly network with other Sidus-enabled lights, all of which can be controlled through the Sidus Link mobile app.

    Professional lights deserve professional-level connectivity. In addition to 5-Pin DMX512, lighting technicians can also control the Nova P600c wirelessly using its built-in Lumenradio CRMX.

    The Nova P600c can modified using a variety of tools, such as intensifiers, light control grids, and softboxes, as well as third-party modifiers from brands including DoPchoice & Chimera.

    Building upon the Nova P300c's 15 built-in lighting FX, the Nova P600c's 4 light engines adds four more lighting effects including Color Fade, Color Cycle, Color Gradient, & One Color Chase.

    Aputure Nova P600C Barn Door Set

    Product Features:

    • 4-Way Design
    • Easy Attachment
    • Enables selective lighting of your subject
    • Simply swing one or more barndoor leaves into the light's beam
    • light areas of the subject you want lit and keep light from areas you don't want to be illuminated


    4-way design that enables selective lighting of your subject. Simply swing one or more barndoor leaves into the light's beam path to light areas of the subject you want lit and keep light from areas you don't want to be illuminated

    Aputure Nova P600C Softbox

    • 70x50cm Rectangular Softbox for Aputure Nova P300C
    • Softbox Brack Fits Seamlessly into Nova
    • Includes ¼ Grid Diffusion Sheet
    • Includes 40° Fabric Light Control Grid
    • Includes Carrying Bag to Store Accessories


    The Softbox for P300c LED Panel slips easily into the fixture's accessory channel to soften the output of the bright LEDs. For those who would like to use it as a large reflector, the front diffusion panel is removable.


    What's Included 

    • Aputure Nova P600c RGBWW LED Panel with Hard-Shell Case Kit
    • Control Box
    • Aputure Nova P600 Barn Doors
    • Aputure Nova P600 Softbox
    • Neutrik powerCON AC Power Cable (19.7')
    • 5-Pin XLR Head Cable (9.8')
    • Lightning Clamp
    • Wheeled Hard-Shell Carry Case




    CCT / Distance1m3m5m
    2700K14,586 lux1,850 lux725 lux
     1,363 fc173 fc68 fc
    3200K15,240 lux1,936 lux746 lux
     1,424 fc181 fc70 fc
    4300K15,533 lux1,945 lux758 lux
     1,452 fc182 fc71 fc
    5600K17,520 lux2,167 lux847 lux
     1,637 fc202 fc79 fc
    6500K18,346 lux2,298 lux867 lux
     1,714 fc215 fc81 fc


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