Zhiyun-Tech Weebill3 Handheld Gimbal For Cameras

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    Optimized 2.0 Sling Structure
    Integrated Microphone and Fill Light
    0.96" OLED Touchscreen
    Two Rosette Mounts with 1/4"-20 Threads
    Control Wheel, Trigger Button
    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Capabilities for App
    Various Control Cables for DSLR Cameras
    Tripod Extension
    Dual Quick Release Plate System
    Up to 21-Hour Runtime

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    Zhiyun-Tech Weebill3 Handheld Gimbal For Cameras

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    The WEEBILL-3 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Combo has the same improved design as the WEEBILL-3 and includes an extendable sling grip set and backpack to bring the bundle on your next run-and-gun shoot. Forgo bringing additional accessories on shoots, thanks to the gimbal's built-in microphone and fill light. Both the microphone and fill light are integrated into the optimized sling structure of the gimbal and avoid adding heft to its design. View your settings with the 0.96" OLED touchscreen and toggle between modes or parameters with the various buttons.

    Three built-in 2600mAh batteries power your WEEBILL-3 for up to 21 hours and can even charge your camera with quick charge technology. Dual quick-release plates with 1/4"-20 screws prevent the need to constantly rebalance your rig when switching to handheld or changing batteries. Two rosette mounts with 1/4"-20 threads allow you to incorporate the sling grip extension handle and wrist rest, while a 1/4"-20 thread at the bottom of the gimbal supports the included tripod accessory. Control for both the gimbal and camera can be achieved by connecting one of the many control cables and utilizing either the onboard buttons or the smartphone app via the gimbal's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.


    Revised Design with Extendable Grip Set

    • L-shaped body capable of standing on its own
    • Improved Sling 2.0 structure
    • The greater battery capacity of 21 hours
    • Extendable sling grip set included with handle and wrist rest

    Built-In Microphone

    • Noise-cancelling, Hi-Fi, cardioid recording
    • 3.5mm general audio port

    Built-In Fill Light

    • 1000 lumens of brightness
    • Adjustable colour temperature
    • Includes four coloured filters

    Upgraded Motor

    • Compact and powerful motors for tilt, roll, and pan
    • 360° pan, 310° tilt, and 340° roll
    • Optimized stabilization algorithm
    • Super lightweight body and improved AXIS locks

    Upgraded Quick Release System

    • Dual quick-release plates allow you to mount cameras without rebalancing
    • Change camera batteries without rebalancing
    • Magnetic wrench embedded in gimbal design to mount and secure the camera

    Gimbal Controls

    • Canon, Sony, and Panasonic control cables connect compatible DSLRs to gimbal controls
    • 0.96" OLED touchscreen toggles between shooting modes
    • The trigger button can be customized to different shooting modes
    • Wheel control can be customized to adjust camera parameters, gimbal movement, focus, and zoom
    • Compatible with TransMount follow focus/zoom units and transmission systems
    • Compatible with the ZY Play app
    • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi operating frequency, Bluetooth 5.0