Teradek Spark 4K Wireless TX/RX Kit

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    Transmitter & Receiver Unit Set
    Supports up to 4K30 HDMI, 10-Bit 4:2:2
    Operates on Free 5 GHz Band, Zero Delay
    Transmitter Sends to up to 2 x Receivers
    Transmit Video up to 150m Line of Sight
    Portable Design
    Internal Antennas
    AES-128 Encryption
    OLED Display
    Controlled with Launchpad App

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    Teradek Spark 4K Wireless TX/RX Kit

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    Transmit lossless HD video up to 150m to monitor video wirelessly using the Spark 4K Transmitter/Receiver Set. The kit includes one Spark 4K transmitter and one Spark 4K receiver, and the transmitter can input up to 4K30 10-bit 4:2:2 HDR video via HDMI and transmit visually lossless video to up to two Spark 4K receivers with zero delay. The transmitter and receiver communicate using a powerful signal that can travel up to 150m' line of sight, and each unit features a bright OLED display to view the unit status.

    Both the Spark 4K transmitter and receiver units feature internal antennas, which make them ultra-portable, allowing you to extend video to a display without any cabling. Built-in AES-128 encryption protects your video from prying eyes, while noise rejection keeps your video clean no matter how many devices are using the 5 GHz wireless spectrum.

    The Teradek Launchpad app for iOS or Android easily connects to the transmitter and receiver via Bluetooth, providing channel selection tools, monitoring, and remote configuration. There are 1/4"-20 and M3 mounting threads on each unit to mount the transmitter and receiver on a variety of cameras, cages, or rigs. The transmitter is powered using a separately available USB Type-C power source and the receiver can be powered by either a USB Type-C or DC barrel power source.

    Go from cable-cluttered to wide-range wireless. Spark 4K is a wireless video system that transmits premium quality 4K HDR video and audio to your desired HDMI destination – up to 500 feet, with zero delays, for any A/V workflow.

    Never miss a millisecond

    Transport your 4K video from the source to the screen with no perceivable delay. Just connect the 4K wireless transmitter to your video source, and the receiver will have your content displaying in less than 1 millisecond for all to see. Now, all your guests can have a front-row-seat experience.

    More room to roam

    You already have a camera, lighting, sound, and switching duties on your plate. Managing a mountain of cables should not be one of them. Spark 4K gives you 500 feet of line-of-sight wireless coverage. So if you need to track a player sprinting down the sideline, or capture every angle of the first dance for the big screen, your video feed can finally keep up with you.

    Adaptable to any A/Vapplication


    From weddings, conferences, live sports, and trade shows, to tabletops and cameras, Spark 4K’s horizontal mount design works anywhere. The TX weighs just 5.6oz, perfect for gimbals and cameras, has dual-powering options (USB-C and Barrel Connector), and boasts an internal battery life of over 2 hours*. The RX is just slightly larger than a cassette tape. Both units are designed to stay out of your way while you’re on the move.