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The Kayell Australia Education and Support Program ( ESP) is designed exclusively for use by students working towards a degree or certificate in photography, filmmaking, or a related field, at a level higher than high school. Of course, full-time educators and academic institutions teaching photography and filmmaking courses are also eligible. If eligible, you may qualify for the special ESP prices representing substantial savings on specified products. To qualify for ESP pricing, the purchaser must provide proof of eligibility as follows: 

ESP Proof of Eligibility Documents: 

StudentCopy of your current student ID or proof of enrollment. This might include a copy of your course schedule or other official document such as a letter from the school indicating the classes in which you are enrolled. 

EducatorCurrent faculty ID card or copy of school curriculum with purchaser listed as instructor. 

Academic InstitutionCopy of purchase order from an accredited photography or filmmaking school. Payment terms will be offered to Academic Institutions who qualify.


PLEASE NOTE: Orders will NOT be processed or shipped until proof of eligibility been has received and verified.

You may send copies of your proof of eligibility documents to us by filling in the online form which can be found below: