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ISO printer program for Australia & New Zealand



The ISO printer program for Australia and New Zealand (ISO ANZ) is a certification offered forprinting companies that wish to promote their ability to complywith the ISO 12647 standard without undertaking the entire Fogra PSO certification process.

While certification by Fogra has many benefits we recognise that this is not for everyone, especially companies that may struggle to allocate the necessary press time required to produce Fogra’s dedicated print run test form. While both of these processes offered by Kayell are designed to prove a company’s ability to match the ISO 12647 standard under production conditions, the key difference is the print run.

To achieve this certificate the company must be able to adhere to the below criteria:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of standard ICC profiles and techniques

  • Ability to correct TVI/dot gain values

  • Ability to adjust presses to predefined values

  • ISO 3664 compliant viewing conditions on Press

  • ISO 2846-1 compliant offset ink

  • ISO 12647-7 compliant proofing

  • ISO 12647-2 compliant printing

  • Demonstrate the ability to regularly calibrate monitors, spectrophotometers, proofing and Ctp systems

  • Demonstrate that an appropriate process plan is in place, which is devised to regularly check quality control throughout the entire production process

  • Produce a print run of 2000 sheets under normal production conditions. Every 200th sheet will be checked for compliance to the ISO 12647-2 standard. This can be performed on a live production job if measurable print control strips are included.

  • At least 7 of these 10 sheets must be comply to ISO 12647-2 requirements in order for a company to achieve certification

    The key components of the ISO ANZ printer program are:

  • An ISO Printer of Australia and New Zealand will be checked by Kayell Australia

    every 12 months for compliance to the above in order to retain the ISO Printer of

    Australia and New Zealand certification.

  • New Zealand Printers will be checked for compliance by GMG New Zealand http://www.gmgcolor.co.nz

    All companies who achieve compliance to the ISO ANZ guidelines will receive the following:

  • ISO ANZ digital logo

  • Framed ISO ANZ certificate

  • Listing on the Australian colour standards website - http://www.colourstandards.com.au/index.html

  • Certification is valid for 12 months