One solution that brings colour measurement all together. One networked platform capable of measuring any print process and providing a simple, easy to use interface that anyone can quickly understand. A modular, app-based environment where each segment of the print process can be monitored and controlled. A product that allows your choice of measurement instrument from a number of industry leading manufacturers. Measure everything from spots, quality control strips, to full width colorbars, the choice is yours when you MeasureColor.

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Process Control:

Depending on the user, the results of a scanned or measured colour can be displayed in a customized way.

Machine operators just measure a colour bar and MeasureColor shows an understandable view that visualises the overall quality of the print. The parameters are presented in such a way that the printer intuitional understands what to do to optimise the print quality. At the same time all data is centrally stored in the database for further process analysis or for a customer job quality report

Quality Assurance managers and colour specialists can review all aspects of colour via the Gamut, Dot gain, Spot, and Trending views without remeasuring the printed samples. MeasureColor examines all aspects of colour from Spectral Curve, CIE-Lab, Dot Gain, Spectral Gray Balance, Solid Ink Densities, and Overprints for Process, Spot, and Extended Gamut Colours. By clicking on a specific job, colour or ink zone, the colour specialist can analyse all aspects of any measured colour.

Quality Assurance:

Print Quality Assurance is an essential part of the production workflow.
The most obvious beneficiary of quality control is the customer, who receives the highest-quality product possible. This in turn benefits your print company, by ensuring customer satisfaction, which leads to repeat business, customer loyalty, and spreading the word about the quality of the company’s product. Quality control in manufacturing just pays off for a company in both reputation and revenue.

With MeasureColor you CAN control the quality of your print jobs.

• standardise your print production – e.g. to ISO12647 or GRACoL
• set and control your own in-house standard
• generate and control a customer fingerprint
• optimise your CTP-curves
• analyse your print performance via trends and statistics and initiate corrective actions
• compare print job results with customer specifications
• generate customer scoring report

Print room and QA managers use MeasureColor to track colour quality on a per job basis or to monitor long term press performance. Various reports help you to keep an overview on the press and to specify the final production quality to the customers. Now you can show to your customer that you maintain consistent quality at the highest level possible.

Print buyer:

Consistent colour quality. Any time, any where.
MeasureColor understands the needs of packaging printers and their customers. How can a printer achieve the perfect color match, print in a consistent way and quickly inform the customers of the color performance at the same time?

Nowadays many print buyers and premedia companies demand a Print Quality Report of their packaging productions. in real-time if possible. Tolerances are becoming tight to avoid colour differences between packagings versions, especially when packaging products are being printed on multiple locations. How nice would it be to print the same colours of your packaging products over and over again!

MeasureColor has multiple solutions to keep track on colours of print production and share data with Print Buyers, Brand Managers and PreMedia companies on a world wide basis. It has never been so easy to specify, store, track and view colour quality for all the packaging jobs of your company.