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PrintFactory is a combined set of fully automatable workflow tools that automatically checks, fixes, prepares, imposes, colour manages and outputs print files to over 1800 devices. Or just two. It’s up to you.

PrintFactory is a suite of software solutions, doing the hard work for you as a large-format printer. Saving ink, reducing media wastage, and automating your production process. Each individual tool adds more power to the potential of this full-production print workflow automation solution.


If you’re in full-production large format printing, you want minimum waste and a smart workflow – one that puts maximum profit in your pocket on every job.
This is PrintFactory. The only full-production workflow tool with Digital PayPer, a monthly payment plan* that means bigger profits, faster. The only question is, do you pocket the extra profits or prefer to pass them on?
And if you prefer, we also sell PrintFactory as a perpetual license.

With PrintFactory, we know we’ve solved some of the wide-format industry’s biggest problems. We’re focused on our commitment to innovation – delivering new technology and the right products and business models to guarantee better printing with bigger profits.
In addition to PrintFactory (which is everything you need, all in one package), we also deliver other standalone solutions for workflows, PDF files, and colour management.

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PrintFactory is a dedicated wide format workflow created by real wide format printers who were dissatisfied with what was available. Erik Strik and his team knew that workflows could improve, and so could colour management but, when the manufacturer-owned RIPs and ‘big’ RIPs weren’t delivering the goods, they decided to write new software themselves, from a working wide format printer’s view.


PrintFactory schematic


PrintFactory is modular workflow that speeds up wide format production by up to 25%


It comes with a set of tools that work much harder and smarter than the average, standard RIP shipped with most wide format printers today. The result – PrintFactory - is 100% independent, the team behind the software think the way real printers do.

The goal was software that could turn a business into better printers and bring bigger profits from day one. Above all, PrintFactory is time-saving and time means money - profits. PrintFactory is wide format workflow software that handles repetitive tasks using networked apps, smart tools, and XML instructions to speed things up (instead of PDF processing, which slows things down).

Its algorithms deliver higher-quality consistent colour, anywhere, every time, first time, by device-linking any number of printers across multi-platform networks. PrintFactory’s more advanced modular features were created with large, lights-out production and specialist printers in mind; Textiles, Ceramics, Speciality products for example. But they also created features and wizards to solve some of the toughest challenges faced by every wide format printer today and, as printers themselves, they know where the problems really are.

An in-app Editor speeds up job-prep and makes last-minute changes a breeze. Something not found in any other wideformat workflow software is nesting, tiling and template options to give operators complete control, including soft proofing. The workflow can be easily installed onsite or subscription-purchased as SaaS in the Cloud. PrintFactory’s color engine uses device-link profiles that guarantee colour consistency first time, every time, on every printer. Simple 3-click wizards turn non-colour specialists into instant ‘profile gurus’ in no time at all. Some customers have reported up to a 25% improvement in productivity after installing PrintFactory along with less waste and re-dos – therefore better profits.

*Conditions apply - please contact us for more details.

Contact our Business & Graphics Team to work on a design and quote for your system.

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